Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 4

June 1, 2011

The following was posted on the first day but for some reason I needed the reminder this morning, so decided to post it and meditate on it through the day.

“_____________(fill in your name here) do not fear. It’s time to let go of fear. You belong to Me. I will keep you safe. I will be your shelter. I have taken care of it. Trust Me and let Me lead you.  Joy, hope and healing are waiting for you, but I need you to commit to Me. I need you to trust Me. I will meet You where you are, but I need you to meet Me too. Are you ready? Let’s go.”

 Tasks for Day 4:

After reading chapter 1 yesterday, we are still left with Wendy hopeless.  Can you relate to that?  Still feeling hopeless?  Well, this is where the study gets good!  Turn to “Reflection and Study” section of your book on p. 177.  Today, complete the questions for chapter 1 on p. 178-179.  Record your answers in your journal.  Read Wendy’s prayer for our journey together on p. 179. Read it aloud. Decide to believe this prayer for you…for all of us.

From Me:

I have not done my assignments yet today….it has been a rough day for me.  Here are some random posts I posted throughout the day:

  •  Yes, all my life….that sentence spoke volumes to me, I thought “wow, really someone was able to put into words what I have been trying to describe my whole life”. I felt like raising my hands almost in victory saying “YES!! Someone gets …IT”. I felt very excited and good about this study even after reading chapter 1, which was very difficult but today is a different story–I am tired beyond belief, emotionally and physically tired to the point I wonder if I can really truly do this?  This post was in relational to a question about feeling hopeless, helpless, and lonely.  The question was have you ever felt this way?
  • This was what a fellow companion in the study wrote to my post above:  Hold on Veronica!! Look to the prize at the end of the race instead of the pain in your body…push through the pain!!! Victory is on the other side of it and it will be worth it all. Don’t forget that not only do you have an army of bea…utiful women walking by your side through this, you have a loving Savior with you…ready and willing to carry you through the parts you can’t stand on your own. Trust Him. Rest in Him. Let Him cradle you in His embrace and heal your wounded heart and soul. He is the only one who can!! You CAN do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you!! Give Him praise for all He is doing and will do throughout this study! 🙂
  • A new friend Donna posted on the study blog asking about me:  How wonderful of you to ask, you don’t know how uplifting it was to find you asking how I was when I came here tonight. I have to admit to being very overwhelmed tonight and I have been extremely tired, almost to the point of being able to do anything, I know it’s a mental exhaustion but I just want to throw my hands up and say FORGET EVERYTHING…..but I realize that’s how I coped with things before and I have never last more than 3-4 days at anything so i know this is an attack from the devil trying to get me to go back to my old ways and I am fighting it but oh I am a mess right now.
  • This was posted by me about an hour ago:  I wanted to give up this afternoon but I got some get encouragement from someone on FB and from Melissa and I knew I could not give up. Then I came on here tonight and one of my dear new friends had posted asking me how my day was, I about cried it was so sweet. Then someone was struggling and I decided to post some encouragement for her and in doing so I realized I have the tools to use, why wasn’t I putting those tools to work in my case today? In giving this friend encouragement I realized I was indeed giving myself the same encouragement. Why don’t I use the tools/advice that I know works for me immediately? Why do I discount them or ignore them and allow myself to fall into a depression? Why do I let tiredness come over me to a point I think I am drowning and yet I don’t grab ahold of the tools that work? Why do I lash out at my husband and children when they have done nothing but love me even when I am unlovable ~ they didn’t hurt me, they didn’t even exist when I was hurt, why do I turn my anger on them?

As I finished posting the above on the bible study blog I had two dear sweet friends of mine post to me on Facebook and before 5 minutes was over I had the biggest smile on my face and was cheered beyond belief.  My day wasn’t the best But God is soooo good, He has blessed me beyond belief and whenever I am likely to forget….HE reminds me 🙂


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