Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 5

June 2, 2011 ~ Day 5 ~ Task Today:

 Today we are to catch up with any assignments, reading our Bible and spending time along with God.

Melissa’s Message this Morning:

This week might have been hard.  For various reasons.

~For some you are dealing with issues and memories that you really didn’t want to face.

~For some you are reading other’s comments and wishing you were where they are.

~For some, you are still waiting on your book.

~For some, you are wondering how God could have allowed something so terrible to happen to Wendy (or to you).

~For some, your home life is just difficult.  Or maybe work. Or maybe lack of work.

~For some, you are wondering why God is there for some and not for you.

~For some, you wonder when you will sleep again. When the nightmares will end, if they will end.

I know all this because I read your comments on my blog and on the online Bible studies Facebook page.  And many of them made me sad.  I’m so sorry.  I’m sorry for what you’ve been through.  I’m sorry you have been forgotten.  I’m sorry you were mistreated. I’m sorry life is so unfair.

But then I remembered.  We all signed up for this Bible study because we were looking for hope.  Looking for healing.  Deciding that it was time.  It’s time to move from victim to victorious.  And with God, it is possible.  In this study, we will meet others who understand.  We are moving from victim to victorious.  (yes I said that twice!  I know it.)

This week, Wendy left us in a tough spot.  Chapter One didn’t end pretty.  But if it had ended any other way, would it be real?  Would you think that she understood where you were left?   I know many of you had a hard time not reading further.  That’s ok, I get that.  But remember, we are reading this book not to follow Wendy’s story, but to also process our own. And that takes time. That’s why we are taking it slow.  Use your extra time to pray, journal, get close to God.

Thank you my friends for sharing on this blog. It is an honor to have you.  It is my prayer that your faith in yourself would increase and your faith in God would increase.  Thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you for encouraging others.  I am praying for you.

I know what you’ve been through has left you _____________________.  And I’m so sorry.  I ❤ U!  

A Poem Someone from the Study Posted:

Super Hugs to each of you!

Breaking free. These chains of guilt
these chains of shame.
Got to let them fall
in Jesus’ name.
I believe in God
but do I believe Him
when He says fear no more,
you are forgiven?
Things from the past,
they weigh us down.
When we run to the cross
there’s a new freedom that’s found.
We put up a wall,
won’t let anyone in.
Oh what would they think
if they knew of my sin?
That wall has to crumble,
let it fall piece by piece.
Break free from this cycle
into the Savior’s sweet release.

My Posts:

Thank you Melissa for your encouraging words and for everyone who gives encouragement to whomever needs at whenever. Yesterday I went from needing my own pep talk to being able to encouraging someone else. Without everyone here helping us along I would forget some of what is so important to remember: We signed up for healing, there IS hope, that we are NOT alone any longer, and the most important thing with GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!! However, that said we have to DECIDE to make the changes necessary, we have to be willing to allow God to do the work in us by exposing our hurts, lifting ourselves up and spending much time with HIM.

I needed that reminder again this morning!!! I can’t say thank you enough for this study, for this journey and for all these beautiful, wonderful, inspiring ladies I have met and who have helped me so much in 4 days! God bless each one of you! Together we will become VICTORIOUS!!!!

 God’s promises are new each morning. May the LORD bless you and keep you, may HIS


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