Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 9

June 6, 2011 ~ Day 9

Today our assignment was to read Chapter 2, mark anything that stood out, and highlight or write in our journal each time a Bible Verse was mentioned. 

Chapter 2 was Wendy’s search for the question “Why Did God Allow This?”  She talks about how she needed to search for answers and in doing so she spent a lot of time in the Word. She learned about God.  She was angry, hurt and sad but she pursued God for answers and in the Word she was able to trust God. 

My Notes and Thoughts: 

I am still trying to process all I read, so I won’t be able to complete this entry tonight.  But some of the things that stood out to me: 

  • “Get to know God as a best friend” I am not sure how I feel about this.  I know I should automatically be like “ya, that’s a great idea” but for some reason this just puts a “hmmm” on my heart.
  • “Life verse ~ a promise from the Bible given specifically to a person by God.  Sometimes the verse points a person towards God’s plan or direction or it provides a powerful thruth or promise in the midst of struggle or trial.”  I actually have a two life verses, which is ironic given this topic today but my life verse is “For I know the plans I have for you….plans to prosper and not for harm.”  and “May the LORD bless you and keep you.”
  • “God has authority over all things that happen on this earth including what happens to you and me.  This means there are no accidents, no mistakes.  Nothing happens to any one of us that does not first pass through God’s sovereign hand.”  Again, not sure how I feel about this statement.  I know it’s true but not sure how I feel when I have had to endure so much. Why do I have to go through so much when other people have nothing bad happen, I know that is selfish but that’s where I am right now.  
  • Psalm 139 ~ as I read this Psalm I just shivered and tried to soak it all in.  It is so amazing the love God has for us, and yet we endure horrible things.  Are we able to endure horrible things because of God’s love for us?
  • I have value and worth in His eyes simply because He created me.  Even when no one else understands me, my Creator does!!!
  • No matter what has happened along your journey, you are valuable to God.   

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