Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 10

June 7, 2011 ~ Day 10 

Today’s Assignment

Go back through Chapter 2.  Look up the Bible verses in your own Bible. Underline them and make notes beside them.  Example, in my Bible I record the date and the initials HJ.  This reminds me of when I read the verse and what I was studying and why.  Next time you run across these verses in your Bible you’ll remember what God was doing in your life through His Word at the time.  Select a few verses you want to meditate on or post where you can see them.  What verses speak to you where you are?  Visit Melissa’s blog or the Online Bible Studies Facebook Page and share them.  Also visit Melissa’s blog to get up close and personal with our sweet awesome counselor for this study, Stephanie Clayton!  

My Notes and Thoughts 

I haven’t finished this whole assignment yet today.  But when I was writing out some of the first scripture verses I looked up and noticed what a beautiful sunrise we had this morning.  The sun was shining so brightly and so perfectly that it made me feel like God gave that to just me this morning.  I love getting up early during the warm months and just being up when the sun rises.  It is such an awesome and powerful motivator, knowing that sun is a gift to us from God and that HE made the sun with HIS own hands.  Very powerful stuff. 

Anyhow I am not done with the assignment but I have read all the posts on the blog today and commented on quite a few of them.   

It’s been a very long day and I need to get bed, so I will update more tomorrow.  Good night friends, I hope everyone sleeps well and has a very restful night!


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