Bible Study ~ Day 11 & 12

Melissa Taylor Study 

Since I was traveling yesterday I was unable to post on yesterday’s tasks or posts for the Bible Study.  I am way behind in this week’s tasks but have been posting on the bible study blog quite often.  I have really been connecting with the ladies over there and praying for all of us.  

June 8, 2011 ~ Day 11 and June 9, 2011 ~ Day 12 tasks were to answer the study questions for Chapter 2.  I have started the questions today, however I am still behind. 

Chapter 2 questions 

1.  What are the characteristics of God you knew before you opened this book:  Loving, forgiving, kind, creator and father. 

2a.  God is sovereign does that comfort you or make you more confused in your circumstances?  It comforts me because I know that there is hope, that I don’t have to be stuck where I am.  Anything can be made new through God.  That surprised me when I wrote that out without even thinking about it, it just came from the depths of my soul.  I need to keep that in my mind and concentrate on this instead of the devils lies. 

2b.  What does 1 Timothy 6:15 tell you about God?   That the blessed and only ruler will make manifest at the proper time, the Kings of kings, the LORD of lords. 

2c.  What does Jeremiah 10:12 say about God?  It is He who made the earth by HIS power, who established the world by HIS wisdome and by HIS understanding stretched out the Heavens. 

3a.  Read Romans 11:33 and show what it tells you about God and wisdom:  That through God there are untold, never ending riches to be had.  Not in money or possession but by being HIS child.  We can’t even begin to know how great HIS plans are for us.  HE loves us more than we know and is always waiting with open arms. 

3b.  Read James 3:13-18 regarding wisdom.

         1.  Describe heavenly wisdom?  Pure, peaceful, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy, good fruits, impartial and sincere.

         2.  Describe earthly widsom?  Boasting, jealousy, selfish, false.  

        3.  What is the difference?  They are complete opposites.  We are not always wise with complete understanding.  We tend to focus on ourselves first and then justify our actions instead of looking to God first and then prayfully being led by the Spirit.  Instead of focusing on our troubles, feelings and listening to the lies from the devil, we need to open our eyes to see ourselves through God’s eyes. 

4.  God’s wisdom extends not only to HIS creation (the earth, the stars, heaven) but also to you personally.  Read Psalm 139:1-18.  What do these verses tell you about how God knows you?  HE knows me better than I know myself.  HE isn’t surprised at my life and HE knows what my life still has to offer to HIS kingdom.  HE isn’t disappointed in my thoughts or feelings, HE already knows them.  HE is waiting for me to open myself up to HIM so that HE can take those ashes and form the most beautiful me HE created me to be.

I still have the rest of the questions to answer but for now I thought I would share what I have learned by really searching God’s Word.  My prayer tonight for all: 

Eternal, Holy God,

I come to You burdened with worries,

fears, doubts and troubles. 

Calm and quiet me with peace of mind.

Empty me of the anxiety that disturbs me,

of the concerns that weary my spirit,

and weight heavy on my heart. 

Loosen the grip on my disappointments

and grievances that I hold on to so tightly.

Release me from the pain of past hurts,

of present anger and tension,

of future fears.

Sometimes it’s too much for me Lord,

too many demands and problems,

too much sadness, suffering, and stress.

Renew me spiritually and emotionally. 

Give me new strength, hope, and confidence.

Prepare me to meet the constant struggles

of daily life with a deeper faith and trust in You. 

Let your love set me free, for peace,

for joy, for grace, for life,

for others, forever. 

In Jesus’ name, I pray….AMEN!!


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