Bible Study ~ Conference Call

June 13, 2011 ~ Conference Call Number 1

Dear LORD thank You so much for the conference calls with Melissa, Stephanie and the ladies from the study.   

Thank you for speaking directly to me and letting me know that it’s never too late for healing to take place, no matter how old I am now, no matter how many years have past, or as Melissa says Whhhatttever!!!   

Thank You LORD for everything that was discussed in regards to seeking You and moving forward.  You knew the issues I would have today and as the day ended You provided me a plan.  You showed me Your Light and a way to understanding just as I begged You to this morning.   

Thank You for loving me even when though I threw a major tantrum this morning.  Thank You for providing me answers I needed so desperately and showing me a way to move forward.   

Thank You for every member of this study.  Thank You for my family.  Thank You for my NO MATTER WHAT FRIENDS.   

But mostly Thank You for redeeming me!!!!!  In Jesus Name I pray ~ AMEN!!!


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