Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 26

June 26, 2011 ~ Day 29 

Day 26 (Thursday, June 23, 2011) Melissa posted on the blog late last night ~ Going on a Doubt Diet!!  It was a great video with Renee Swope and her new book A Confident Heart.  Definitely something you will want to check out.  Melissa and Renee’s vlog can be found at Melissa Taylor and Renee Swope

Still behind schedule because I spent the evening playing computer games with my daughter.  Here is a good thought though that came to mind:  This is usually where I would say “never mind, I can’t do this ~ I am falling behind there is no use, I am not doing things on time and just perfectly”….BUT instead I am saying “life happens, later is better than never, my family time is just as important to my healing and instead of flying through it and gaining no insight, go slower if need be to let it soak in”

Questions for Chapter 4

1.  Isaiah 61:1 tells us that God sent His Son to “bind up the brokenhearted”  God knows that tests and trials in our lives will bring brokenness and at times even crush our spirits.  He provided hope from that brokenness.

  • 1a.  Has your heart ever been or is it now broken?  What are the circumstances that brought you to that place?  My heart has been broken many times:  When I have felt I never matter to anyone.  When I am looking for someone to show love to me and my love is rejected.  When my dad’s life and what he wanted mattered more to him then me.  That I don’t matter enough to my family.  When I feel disconnected from my husband and he won’t share his thoughts and feelings with me.  When it seems I am forgotten.  When the loneliness and emptiness inside get to be too much.  When I feel like I don’t belong anywhere.  My biggest heartache though was when my grandpa died and I was 9 ~ he was my hero. 

  • 1b.  Does Isaiah 61:1 speak to you in your brokeness?  Oh very much so!!!!  “…..opening of the prison to those who are bound.”

  • 1c.  When did Jesus put the broken pieces back together?  October 2010 on my silent retreat He led me to the road that was marked with my beginning journey.  Good Friday 2011 ~ I had the same migraine for 3 months at this point and on Holy Thursday I sat in Adoration of my LORD praying, asking for healing but not just healing for the migraine, I wanted healing in my life.  I woke up Good Friday free of pain and the migraine has not returned to that point at all since that day!!!!

2.  Read 1 Peter 4:12 and James 1:2-4

  • 2a.  What do these Scriptures tell you about the tests and trials you face in your life?  That we should not be surprised or shocked by trials in this life.  That they are used to strengthen us, shape us and increase our faith.

  • 2b.  Does this change your perspective?  Yes and no.  No because I always was taught life is not fair, God will not give you more than you can handle, bad things happen to good people and God can take ashes and make them beautiful.  But because of the study and the journey through the healing process it does change how I look at these well know truths. 

  • 2c.  Apply the Truths found in these verses to your circumstances.  Basically that I have a choice ~ I can find the joy even in the trials and gain a new found strength or I can sit down, cry and whine about my circumstances.  I don’t have to like what I am going through but I can find the joy in Jesus therefore easing the burden. 

3.  In this Chapter, you learned about the refining process and the “Refiner’s fire” 

{For those waiting for the story I talked about a week ago, saying it was a long story how God taught us something important ~ this is part of the story, the other part will be posted on Question 5}

  • 3a.  Apply this Truth, look back on difficult circumstances you have experienced.  Do you see how these circumstances may have been part of God’s refining work in your life?  Yes, absolutely!!!  It was something Larry and I both realized half way through the year I was out of work ~ as we began losing the rental properties.  The LORD was working on us to show us we depended on money way more than on Him.  That we were close to worshipping the money.  He showed it in us losing our credit, our properties.  He showed it in being denied disability, in the settlement never increasing, in losing my full time job.

  • 3b.  What specific impurities has the Refiner’s fire removed from your life?  Trusting and relying on money and a shopping addiction.  We began to grow closer to God, we quit trying to impress people with our possessions.

  • 3c.  If you are currently in the Refiner’s fire what might God be saying to you through your trial?  That at times I can be very selfish, I expect too much of others and that I can be good at playing the martyr. 

I will be answering questions 4 – 6 tomorrow, Friday, June 24, 2011 ~ Day 27! 


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