Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 27 (part 2)

The questions I posted for Day 27 (Friday, June 24, 2011) were actually done on Friday night.  Friday morning I had another heart to heart with God:

This morning as I was getting ready for work I prayed that God would reveal His plan or purpose to me in regards to my son.  I asked Him to open my heart, my eyes, my ears so I could hear Him.  Show me where I go from here, how I move forward.  How to live out my life verse.  I am sick of feeling sad and angry over my son’s issues in life.  I talked to Him saying “I trust You, I have seen how You have worked in my life LORD ~ You are enough for me!  Most people who go through trials don’t have them last over 20 years each and every day!  How much more LORD”  Then I had an answer ~ if I wasn’t so stubborn I would have been out of the fire long ago.  So I changed my prayer to “LORD You are enough.  I am going to have faith and trust in You instead of asking the same questions. I am going to ask You to help me look for the smallest treasure, I am going to ask ‘what are You trying to teach me, show me, removed from me?’  What do You ask of me LORD, and then I am going to believe and trust that You will provide me the strength to accomplish it for Your glory”hapter 4 Prayer

Heavenly Father, it is so difficult to walk through darkness. You feel so far away. I feel so alone. Father, thank You for Your promise that You will never leave me or forsake me and that there is nothing in all creation that will ever separate me from the love I have in Your Son, Jesus.  Thank You for Your promise that You will bring good out of anything that enters my life when I love You and trust You to use it for Your purposes.  Lord, I cling to that promise now. I also claim Your promise that You have a plan and a purpose for my life, and it is to prosper and not to harm me, to give me a hope and a future. Walk ever so closely with me during this darkness, Lord, and show me treasures.  Thank You that You will bring beauty from ashes. I ask all these things in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Someone posted on my Facebook page and it touched me greatly: 

Thanking ME for trials will feel awkward and contrived at first.  But if you persist, your thankful words, prayed in faith, will eventually make a difference in your heart.  Thankfulness awakens you to My Presence, which overshadows all your problems. 


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