Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 28

Day 28 ~ Saturday, June 25, 2011.

Tonight’s Mass spoke to me so very much.  I actually felt that it was just me and God in Church and He was reassuring me of everything.  Along with answering a prayer for me, just minutes after I uttered it in my mind. 

Our readings at Mass tonight were the same as the Bible study this week, which just made me feel so comforted.  Deacon Francis had an awesome homily about the Eucharist and an incident involving the Eucharist in Buenos Aires in 1996 and an 8th century priest in Italy.  It was again confirmation I needed straight from the LORD. 

During the Consecration of the Eucharist I prayed for complete healing along with all the ladies in the Hidden Joy Bible Study.  Right after that Father Ed said “Dear Father in Heaven thank you for the pain in our lives and that through You we have joy as well.  That’s what the Cross stands for joy in spite of the pain, joy through Christ despite the pain of the world.”  I KNOW God delivered that just for me.  And it moved me to tears. 


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