Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 29

June 26, 2011 ~ Day 29. 

 I am FINALLY all caught up and just in time, this week starts Week 5 of the Hidden Joy Study.  Melissa posted this week’s assignment’s over at Melissa Taylor ~ Week 5  

Words of the Week:



Sunday– Those of you who signed up for Renee Swope’s 7 Day Doubt Diet, visit Renee’s blog for details. The diet begins today.

Monday– Read Chapter 5, On the Mat in your Hidden Joy book.  Highlight the parts of the chapter that stick out to you or you want to remember.  Share on the blog today how this chapter speaks to you in your life. 

Monday– Conference Call #2.  It’s still not too late to sign up for these awesome calls! Just call 877-731-4663 to get signed up. Only $15 for the entire series. Each call is recorded so you will never miss a thing.  Tonight’s call begins at 8 pm EST.  Our guests are Dr. Kris Colangelo and Stephanie Clayton.  Kris will be sharing her personal journey through doubt, discouragement, and pain but also how her faith has sustained her through it all. You will love Kris and I can’t wait for you to hear from her.   Stephanie will be moving out of the role of professional counselor and into the role of victim/survivor. Yes, we will hear Steph’s story tonight. The message on tonight’s call is: It’s Time to Go: The Faith to Move Forward.  If you signed up for these calls, look for your email with all the information and outline by 4:00 pm EST today. 

Tuesday– Wendy Blight opens up Chapter 5 with this sentence, “What I truly desired was a new beginning.”   What is it that you are desiring in your life?   Take your journal and write about your desires.  Your dreams.  Your prayers.  Then speak them outloud.  Give them to the Lord.  Then ask God what He desires for you.  Write down what you believe the answer to that question is.  Write it down in your journal.  Compare your desires with God’s desires.  Do they match? 

Wednesday– Answer questions 1-4 in the Bible study section of Hidden Joy. (p. 188-190) 

Wednesday– Check the blog. We’ll be having simple lesson on blog and social media etiquette. 

Thursday- Answer questions 5-6 in the Bible study section of Hidden Joy

Friday– Pray the prayer with Wendy on p. 190.  Catch up on anything you might have miss this week. 

That’s as far as I have gotten since I played catch up with Week 4.  Stay tuned for what this week brings.  God is good, all the time!!!!  


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