Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 31

June 28, 2011 ~ Day 31

Asssignment – Wendy Blight opens up Chapter 5 with this sentence, “What I truly desired was a new beginning.”   What is it that you are desiring in your life?   Take your journal and write about your desires.  Your dreams.  Your prayers.  Then speak them outloud.  Give them to the Lord.  Then ask God what He desires for you.  Write down what you believe the answer to that question is.  Write it down in your journal.  Compare your desires with God’s desires.  Do they match?

What I desire most right now more than anything is peace.  Peace in my mind and heart.  Peace in my home.  Peace between family members.

My dreams are very simple:  to enjoy a healthy marriage full of love and respect (and everything that goes with it), where we help each other and life one another up when those bad days come.  To enjoy my children as adults and to have a healthy relationship with them.  To feel secure in my body and mind.  To know God’s will for my life and to follow His will.  To be more confident in myself and learn what talents the LORD has blessed me with so I can use those talents.  For my children to be happy and successful (being the best the can be in their life) ~ whatever that may mean for them.


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