Day 27 ~ continued thoughts

After reflecting and reading scripture I realized that for so long I took the easiest route – the route I knew well, it might be filled with loneliness and emptiness but I knew it well, so well I no longer needed a map or a guide. I could point out the landmarks.  it’s easier to stay in the boat or on the mat and cry about the crummy hand we were given then standing up and allowing our hearts to hope and possibly most difintely be hurt again.

It’s easier to stay where we are than do the work that is unfamiliar to us, to get lost taking a new route and then find our way back.  I like easy and I want my way!!!  BUT….I don’t like who I have become, therefore how can anyone else.

So without anymore thinking LORD, here is my hand for the thousandth {and final} time. 

This was at 2:00 am this morning, on the bathroom floor with lots of emotion.  I literally acted it out; I stood up, closed my eyes and as I said here is my hand LORD ~ I reached my hand out.  I heard whispered in my heart “I have you Veronica”  ~ “I know LORD, I know…do Your work in me, Your will be done.”

Help me LORD to embrace all you have for me ~ my children, my husband, my job, my friends ~ each day LORD I want to serve You by embracing life, all of my life.  Remind me to ask what can I learn by this?  How can I bring glory to the LORD through this?  You are my rock, my shield, my comforter in whom I trust.  My hand securely in Yours, I choose to move forward.  Amen!!

After all this I looked myself in the mirror (that was hard) and said “you are loved, you are beautiful and you were created for a special purpose.  One day when you have embraced all the LORD has for you, you will then know why and you willthen see what God has known all along”  I felt a strange comfort and peace in this!!!


3 thoughts on “Day 27 ~ continued thoughts

  1. I can see what yo mean. Anytime I’ve taken a positive step forward I often expect that feeling to last longer than it does. Guess that’s where the keep moving part comes into it.

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