Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 33

Ever wondered about Social Media Etiquette?  Melissa had a great vlog for Facebook and Blog Etiquette, to view click MelissaTaylorBlog.   Today’s assignment was to answer questions 5 and 6 for Chapter 5.

Questions & Answers:

5.  Read Philippians 4:8.  Paul writes that in order to keep out the anxious thoughts, we must replace them with better thoughts.

5a.  Examine what occupies your thoughts most of the time.

    • 5a.1.  Are they thoughts of thankfulness, goodness; and serving other or are they thoughts of grumbling, complaining and wondering why you did not get your way?  I hate to admit that most times when I am angry or feeling down it’s because I am thinking of how I was not served and how I did not get my way!!!  OUCH that hurts but also good to realize it and change it!!!
    • 5a.2.  Do you dwell on the positive or negative thoughts?  First reaction is the negative but I am learning to focus on and recall only the positive.  I am not there completely but I now stop myself and shift to the positive.
    • 5a.3.  Do you count your blessings or your problems?  I tend to overlook the blessings but now in situations as I start to go to the negative and pull myself to the positive, I try to find the blessings….even if it’s a tiny blessing!!!

5b.  In your marriage list 5 praiseworthy qualities in your spouse?  Loving, caring, giving, loyal, honorable, hardworking

5c.  In your children, list 5 excellent qualities for each child?  My son ~ artistic, giving, imaginative, loves to help people, takes great care of his cat. My daughter ~ artistic, loves to help others, great money manager, dependable, supportive.

5d.  In your job, list 5 ways your job blesses you?  Flexible hours, benefits, paychecks, accomplishments, praying for my co-workers.

6.  Read 2 Corinthians 10:5.  We need to take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.  We must be intentional about building a steadfast mind.

6a.  Find a scripture that speaks to your specific issue.  You can do this by looking up the key word in the concordance in the back of your Bible.  Your word might be anger, bitterness, fear, anxiety, etc.

    • Loneliness ~ 1 Corinthians 7:28 and 1 Kings 19:10.  They don’t seem to really focus on it but the description in the Life Application Study Bible really hit home.
    • Anger ~ Psalm 37:8-9 and Colossians 3:13-15.

6b.  Write the Scripture God leads you to on a note card or sticky note.  Place it where you will see it throughout your day.  I was led to write out Colossians 3:13-15.

6c.  Memorize this Scripture and make it your own, stick with this verse until your mind is as familiar with it as your own birthdate.  After a few weeks write what God has done in your mind and your heart through the power of His word and your prayers. 

    • Just a side note:  Colossians 3:13-15 I noticed goes perfectly with my life verse and I can see how I need so very much to focus on these two Scriptures and let them soak into me and become part of me and how I live my life.

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