As a parent of an autistic child and with my own childhood experiences I was more lenient on my children then I should have been. My husband who had a stricter childhood and the Marine Corp background wanted to be more harder on our children!!! This caused some frustrations between us — but as I look back and see some things now in our son I realize my husband had the right idea!!!

Last night it was difficult being the parent and watching my son hurt learning some life lessons!! I now know that those lessons my husband was trying to teach our son should have been taught when he was small even though he is autistic! I also know that the LORD is showing me where I need to let go and let HIM do HIS work in my sons life!!

It’s hard but I need to let go and let GOD, I need to be there for my son but not to rescue him but be empathetic with him.

I thank God for giving me a kind, loving and supporting husband! I also am so thankful that my husband never says “I told you so” or makes me feel bad for the wrong choices I made in raising our son!!!


2 thoughts on “Lessons

  1. Wow Veronica, It looks like God is revealing some great things to you & you’re seeing them. That’s great! Here’s the verse that caught my eye as I was putting together my scripture box this morning. Isaiah 43:18-19. Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new things! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way for you Tricia in the desert & streams in the wastelands. I was too easy on my kids too. I always felt bad for them because they didn’t have a dad in their lives. I can see now that it would have been easier to have implememented some things when they were younger rather than trying to now that they’re older. Live & learn I guess!

    • I love that scripture….that first day after the first conference call, I wrote that as one of my personalized scriptures :). But I had forgot about it until you just reminded me!! Ya it would have been easier to teach those life lessons when the consequences weren’t so high and it’s hard watching your children hurt — the mom in me wants to protect them from hurt but the grown up mom in me says “but them what will they learn” which goes along with our study “the pain we are in, does have a purpose and does teach us something even if it’s a dependence on God”

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