Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Week 6

Hard to believe but we are entering week 6 of our Hidden Joy Bible Study.  What an amazing journey this has been ~ and one that I haven’t given up on!!!!

Melissa is on vacation this week so Stephanie is taking us through this week ~ read the blog post here.  This Chapter calls us to FORGIVE!!!  What a hard word that is when we are to forgive but what an awesome, lovely word it is when we need to be forgiven.  Are you called to forgive anyone?  How to you handle forgiveness?  This is what Stephanie challenges us to do regarding forgive: 

What would happen if you got up tomorrow, and promised yourself NO MATTER WHAT, you would refuse to harbor bitterness and/or anger towards ANYONE? I wonder how things would change? Try it? What have you got to lose?

Our Chapter 6 week at a glance:

Monday – Read Chapter 6, Learning Forgiveness, and Have a Happy Wonderful 4th of July! Thank you to all the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom!

Tuesday – Answer Questions One and Two, and pop on over to my blog for a special post about what God has spoken to my heart concerning my own battles with forgiveness at

Wednesday – Question 3 and check for a vlog

Thursday – Answer questions four and five, and pop back over here for a super big super treat!!!!

Friday – Stop by and leave a comment about which thought/attitude you have chosen to clothe yourself with and work on from Question 5, I can’t wait to see which ones you choose!


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