Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 38

Will update this more later today….I am falling behind once again 😦  However, if interested you can read the blog post for this day on Melissa Taylor’s blog

Day 38 was actually on Tuesday, July 5, 2011.

Today’s assignment was to answer questions 1 & 2:

1.  Have you ever resisted forgiving someone who hurt or disappointed you?  Do you currently harbor a lack of forgiveness in your heart against someone?

  • To the first part of the question….yes, I always have trouble forgiving people, it’s the “Pride – the right to be right” as Wendy says on Page 86.  I feel justified because I have been hurt and I want the other person to know how deeply they hurt me even if it was a small offense.  This is where I need work ~ I need Jesus to work on me in this area!!!!
  • To the second part of the question….I know I  do harbor a lack of forgiveness in my heart against someone – I can feel it physically.  The problem I have is who?  I am sure it’s more than one person ~ I fear the biggest one though is myself!

2.  For the person(s) listed in question 1, why is forgiveness difficult (e.g. you feel you always give in, this person has not taken responsibility for his/her actions, this person has not asked for forgiveness, this person will get off easily, this person repeatedly hurts you and/or others):

  • hmmm, hard question.  But basically for each of the individuals I know I need to forgive it boils down to I feel that this person(s) repeatedly hurts me and/or other; this person(s) has not taken responsibility for their actions and I feel like I am always giving in to keep the peace.

7 thoughts on “Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 38

  1. hey there , you aren’t the only one falling behind , but thats often the one time I need to because when I read where I am and catch up , I can get more out of it. I am reading 6 but copying the notes in my journal for chapter 5. Life and Satan have been getting in the way. But I’m not giving up – so stay strong sister we will do this.

  2. You’ll get there with it! You just have a lot going on. I’m going to have to wait until after work to do any of question 3 just because it’s too loud here all throughout the workday for me to really be able to concentrate. At least none of us are any longer using the “give up” word when it comes to the study. We’ve all made huge progress just by chosing to keep going no matter what. We’re going to persevere through the rough spots to get to the end & then keep going even after that, right!

    • You know you are absolutely right…I never even think now I don’t know if I can do it….and if I get behind it doesn’t weigh on me I know I will eventually get caught up, thanks to Friday and Saturdays!!! Thanks for reminding me how far all of us have come!!!

  3. I have done chapter 6 but am stuck in chapters 4-5. I am just not getting some of it the first time around and have had to go back over it…

    • Chapter 4 was very hard for me….I probably should go redo it!! And each time i fall behind i feel like I don’t soak it in as well bc then we are starting a new chapter

  4. Hope these are coming through, I know I’m going to be reading this again. When I can really get into it without complicating my day with more activities or studies ( which I do – see my blog later today) I can better hear God’s voice. Stay with it …..

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