Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 39

Once again falling behind and will need to update this post later tonight.  For now though you can watch the vlog Stephanie posted by clicking here.

Day 39 was actually on July 6, 2011.  Question 3

3.  Scripture teaches that forgiveness is not optional. Jesus died on the Cross to save you from sin.  ou did nothing to deserve His forgiveness.  He gave it freely with no conditions attached.

  • a.  Read Luke 23:34.  Jesus models His standard of forgiveness.  You forgive because you have been forgiven.  Prayerfully consider extending forgiveness to the person you find it hard to forgive.  As God to soften your heart and then pray the following prayer:  “Heavenly Father, Your grace amazes me.  Thank You for dying on the Cross for me when I was still a sinner. Thank You for suffering pain, humiliation and rejection for me.  Thank You that Your sacrifice was sufficient to forgive all my sin.  I know my unforgiving attitude toward (name) has grieved Your heart.  Forgive me for not extending grace and forgiveness the way You extended it to me.  You know how I have been hurt by (name), Father.  I ask in the name of Your Son, Jesus, for the strength to forgive (name). I leave all my pain and hurt at the foot of the Cross, and I ask You to begin Your healing work in my heart and mind.  Take away my selfish thoughts and fill me with thoughts that are pure, righteous and praise worthy.  Amen”
  • b.  After you have prayed this prayer and meditated for som time on what Jesus has done for you, contact this person and ask for their forgiveness.  Share what God has taught you through this exercise.  The contacting should only be done if you feel safe, otherwise contacting them can be symbolically through a letter and then burning or shredding that letter as a sign of forgiveness.  I will update at a later date what I have learned through this exercise. 

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