Celebrating Home July Sales

In case you didn’t know I have a home business that is awesome!!!  I am a Designer with Celebrating Home.  It’s one of the best companies to work for, the sales commissions are very generous, they are a Christian Company and they have some of the best home decor items.  I have started decorating my home from these beautiful canvas and print pictures. 

Here are some wondeful sales for the month of July:

Print of the Month – Tiger Mom and Cub
Powerful portrait of motherly love is framed
with glass in exotic dark brown with bronze
and gold highlights. 29½ x 29½”

Hostess Gifts – With just a $200 qualifying Party, you may purchase and
create your very own Celebrating Life™ Canvas print masterpiece for
Just $50! A savings of $139.00!

If you are interested in earning some wonderful items for your own home, contact me to book a party ~ either a home party, a book party or an online party!!!!  Many options.  Check out my website by clicking here

Also Christmas in July is going on now…..



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