Sleepless Nights….

Well I was in bed early (9:30 pm) a little restless but started my meditations by 10:15 and was on my way to dreamland when life, children and a cat played havoc with my plans!!!!

My son has a cat, Princess whom he smothers with love, Princess meanwhile enjoys hiding from my son and seems her favorite time to do so is after I have fallen asleep!!!! My son is bound and determined to make Princess sleep in his room no matter what! I would question who is going to win this test of wills except the ones losing the battle would be my husband, my daughter and me, while Princess and Matt carry on their “nightly game”

So here it is after midnight, I am beyond exhausted and now my mind won’t shut off — it’s wandering all over the place. Time for a hot bubble bath, maybe calgon can take me away to dreamland…..


4 thoughts on “Sleepless Nights….

  1. Sorry to hear you didn’t sleep well again. Pets are a pain. We have 2 cats & a dog. The dog’s fine but the cats they always start fighting in my room in the middle of the night & wake me up. Luckily I can usually go back to sleep afterwards. Hope you were able to get back to sleep!

  2. I have nights like that but mine is because of our upstairs neighbors. They decide to run up and down the stairs at 1 in the morning sometimes for no reason!!! Or they stomp around and run through their apartment and it always wakes me up and then I can not go back to sleep for several hours. I hope you were able to relax in your hot bubble bath and get back to sleep!

    • I finally fell asleep sometime after 2:00 am, it wouldn’t bother me so much but I typically only get 3-4 hours of sleep a night so I get pretty cranky when I start feeling exhausted!!!!

  3. Veronica, I have as many sleepless nights than I have nights when I sleep. Seems I like to sleep just about every-other night. I got up about 9 or so Friday morning and was up until almost 4 Sunday morning. I set the alarm so I would get up for church but neglected to turn it on… I woke up at 12:15 – church was over. It is driving me CRAZY!!!! With my tremors, I take a meds that are supposed to make me sleepy – when I am sleeping is the only time my head is not shaking – so I really need that sleep… Since starting this study, I have found that my mind just doesn’t want to shut down at night. I wish there was an off switch somewhere…..

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