Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 40

Day 40 was on July 7, 2011.  Stephanie posted very late on Wednesday on the blog for Thursday, very powerful and inspiring blog today, click Melissa Taylor Blog.

Today’s assignment was to answer questions 4 and 5.

4.  God’s Word warns that harboring anger and bitterness in your heart causes deep trouble in your life.  Often your unwillingness to forgive hurts you more than it hurts the person who hurt you.  If you have places in your heart in which you have harbored a lcak of forgiveness in the past or are currently harboring it, do you see the trouble.  Scripture warns about (affects other relatinships, physical illness, unanswered prayers, throughts of revenge, unforgiving hearts pour over into other areas of your life?)  Have you experienced any of these effects?

  • Wow, I have never really had it put to me like that but you know I do believe this may be the road block I am having.  And why I am always so angry at others even though they have done nothing to me.  Why I am in a bad mood consistenly and why my home is always in disagreement.  I have reoccuring headaches, stomach issues and many unanswered prayers.  Time to get right with God and forgive!!!!

5.  To overcome these thoughts and attitudes, Colossians 3:12, 14 tells us to clothe ourselves with new ones:  compassion, kindness, humilty, gentleness, patience and love!

  • a.  Choose one of the attitudes listed above and commit to grow in that area for the next week in your relationships, especially any relationships where you harbor anger, bitterness, or a lack of forgivness.  I encourage you to model what we have done before ~ take the above verse from Colossians and write it down, memorize it and make it a prayer. The new attitudes I am choosing are patience and gentleness ~ for me these two go hand and hand.  My prayer: Dear LORD please help me to grow in PATIENCE and GENTLENESS. I believe LORD when I have gentleness I will be more patient and when I have more patience, I will be more gentle with others. I invited You into my heart and ask that Your presence reside in me, clothing me in patience, getleness and above all Your love. Help me to remember that each person I come into contact with is loved and forgiven by You just as I am. In Jesus’ Name ~ Amen.
  • b.  After one week, write down how your change of attitued affected you, the other person(s) and your relatiionships with them.

One thought on “Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 40

  1. I had never really thought about it like that before either, our unwillingness to forgive hurts us more than it hurts the person that hurt us. I’ve never thought of it like that, that that could be what is causing me to be so short with my kids & easily angered/frustrated with most others. WOW! That could very well be! I agree with you, It’s time to get right with God & forgive. Forgive myself & forgive the people from my past. I’m loving this study even if & when it’s hard to see these things at first. I always come around eventually & see them for what they really are. Sometimes it just takes me awhile, lol!

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