Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 44

Day 44 (Monday, July 11, 2011) ~ Assignment was to Read Chapter 7 “Surrendering Your Strongholds”

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline!”

~ 2 Timothy 1:7 (NLT)

This chapter was very powerful, more and more of the chapters are beginning to be underlined.  I am still trying to journal the chapters but it is getting harder and harder to keep up because there is so much that speaks to me! 

Pg 92 ~ “Lack of sleep led to exhaustion.  Exhaustion led to moodiness.”

  • I sometimes forget how much I contribute to my stress level just by not getting enough sleep!

Pg 92 ~ Stronghold:  any deeply rooted sin in your life that prevents you from growing in your relationship with God.

Pg 93 ~ He (the devil) lives to lead God’s people astray, to hold them captive and to keep them in places of pain and despair.  This is how the devil lives.

Pg 94 ~ The devil’s M.O. is deception, to discredit and contradict the Word of God.

Pg 95 ~ Eve heard God’s words with her ears, but she did not receive them into her heart

  • hmmm, this statement confuses me on one level but makes perfect sense on another.  Kind of like book smarts vs common sense in a way.

Pg 95 ~ The devil tempted her with power, prestige and position.  He led her to believe that God was withholding something from her, something more desirable than what she already had.  As a result, Eve began to trust her evaluation of right and wrong, rather than allowing God’s words to define right and wrong.

  • Power, prestige, position ~ same thing in today’s world that motivates people toward greed.  And those are the ones who twist words to justify by their behavior.  It also brough to mind the people who always thing ‘the grass is greener’ on the other side and are surprised to be just as unhappy on the other side.  I have found the grass isn’t greener – it’s just different.  Have you twisted God’s word in order to do as you please, even knowing deep down you were going against Him?

Pg 95 ~ Eve had a choice:  Believe God’s Word or believe satan’s word! She had so much to lose, but she believed the lies of the serpent….they lost everything!

  • Makes me sad to read this because here we are thousand upon thousands years later and it’s the same story.  People destroy their marriages, their children, their relationships with others, etc. by believing the lies of the serpent.  They have everything to lose but they still follow those lies and destroy others in the process all the while searching for that elusive thing to make them happy.

Pg 95 ~ Satan gained a foothold on earth, and he continues his assault to this day.  He is relentless in his attacks on God’s children, using shame, guilt, lack of forgiveness and fear to separate them from their Creator.

Pg 99 ~ No more striving, you work in the strength and power of the God of the Universe.

  • The word “striving” caught my attention.  The Merriam-Webster definition: 1) to devote serious effort or energy.  2) to struggle in opposition.  Examples:  We must all strive to do better.  She always strives for perfection.   Hmmm, I have never realized the word was mostly a negative word until now.  I find myself always struggling in opposition.

Pg 99 ~ After roaming for a time, the lion came upon a herd of antelope.  For hours she lay in wait, pacing back and forth watching for the opportune time to attack.  The lion patiently waited until one of the antelope wandered off alone.  She continued to watch to be certain no others from the herd followed the stray.  Suddenly the lion pounced!

  • I love Wendy’s comparison of the devil being like a lion ready to attack.  This visual and accurate picture of the devil, he so waits with more patience than I have and knows the right moment to attack.

Pg 100 ~ What a picture of satan!  He too waits and watches.  he knows where we lack strength and easily spots our vulnerabilities.  There is no doubt that he will pounce in our moment of weakness!!


2 thoughts on “Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 44

  1. Same here on the sleep! I’m really starting to see just how much being overly tired leads to my downfall in the evenings. I also think I hear the word at times but don’t take it to my heart to really be able to receive it. Striving didn’t catch my attention but I’m so glad that you pointed it out. I never thought of it in that way either. The definition”to struggle in opposition” gives me something to think about there. Those were some of the lines from chapter 7 that I highlighted too.

  2. I KNOW now without a doubt the LORD is speaking to me and calling me to give everything to HIM… do I know that, above the title of my blog, the description of what this blog is about ~ read it and you will see what I mean. WOW is all I can say!

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