Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Week 7

Hard to believe but on Sunday, July 10, 2011 we entered into week 7 of our Bible study.  Melissa was back from vacation and inspired us with a great post at Melissa Taylor’s blog.

Words of the Week:


Surrender means to give up, release control.  Often people view surrendering as a weakness, but in this case it’s a strength. We are giving up something so that God can take care of it and take care of us.



As defined by Wendy Blight’s Bible study leader, Jan, a stronghold is any deeply rooted sin in your life that prevents you from growing in your relationship with God. Some examples are bitterness, anger, pride, addiction, pornography, sex, control, unhealthy relationships and fear. (there are many more…you know yours) A stronghold has a tight grip on your life and it’s not good.  It’s not easy to give in and give up that which as a hold on you. The word strong is a part of it for a reason. BUT GOD IS STRONGER than ANYTHING that has it’s grip on us. We we release-give up-surrender our strongholds to the Lord, we become stronger.

Sunday– Prepare for your week. Get your Bible, notebook/journal, pen, highlighter, etc all together. Pray for God to blow your mind this week! Ask Him boldly to meet you where you are & tell Him you are ready to RECEIVE His call to action for you this week!

Monday– Read Chapter 7~ Surrendering Your Strongholds- p. 91 (in the paperback)

Monday– Conference Call #3. This one is BIG!!! So excited to welcome author of Hidden Joy, Wendy Blight to our call! We will have an hour of rich conversation with Wendy as she will be our only guest on this call.

Tuesday– We are adding something new to our weekly assignments: Scripture memorization.  Write 2 Timothy 1:7 in your notebook/journal and on at least 3 index cards. Place one card in your purse/wallet, one on the bathroom mirror, one in your car…(or wherever you’ll see them the most).  Get this verse in your head. Remember it. Personalize it.

Wednesday-Fill in these blanks without looking (if you can!).

“For God has not ___________ us a spirit of ___________ and timidity, but of ___________, love and ______  _________.”   2 Timothy 1:7  NLT

Complete #1-3 in the Bible study section of your book. p. 193

Thursday-Fill in the blanks, no peeking for real today :)

“For _________  ______  ______  _________ us a ____________  of  _________ and timidity, but of __________, ______, and ___________.”  2 Timothy 1:7  NLT

Complete #4-5 in the Bible study section of your book.

Friday– Write 2 Timothy 1:7 without looking in the comment section of the blog today IF you have really memorized it. I’m going to take your word for it, don’t post if it’s not fully memorized. I will randomly select a winner and you will receive a copy of Madisa’s newest CD, What If We Were Real.

Pray with Wendy Blight on p. 195.


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