Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 47

I love waking up to a message directly from God.  When I checked the Bible Study blog this morning at Melissa Taylor’s Blog. I found a message just for me (you can learn more about why on my Walk Through the Bible blog). 

Today is day 47 of our Bible study.  Yesterday we were to fill in the blanks for our Scripture memorization (I missed one word) and answer questions 1-3 for Chapter 7, which I have not yet done.  Today we are to fill in the blanks (more blanks if I remember correctly) for our Scripture memorization and answers the rest of the questions for Chapter 7.  I will be working on the questions through out the day and hope to get them posted here either tonight or tomorrow.

Remember to count your blessings today 🙂


4 thoughts on “Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 47

  1. Does spelling count? I can say it but not spell it yet. I admire you for being caught up I’m just starting 6. But I’m not giving up,

  2. It’s amazingly wonderful when you focus on the questions and scriptures you are led to what you can discover. I will say it again, I’m going to need a bigger notebook when this is over. What I’m not puttin in my book I put on a document on my computer, I’ll be posting on my blog later today.

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