Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Week 8

Can NOT believe that this past Sunday (July 17, 2011) we entered week 8 in our Bible Study. I am still going full force in the Bible study and haven’t quit!!!  Just behind and behind on my blog posts too, but still going strong, I thank the LORD and give HIM all the praise for that!  Melissa posted about week 8 on her blog ~ as well as informing me I was the winner of the Mandisa CD (I have NEVER won anything before so was very excited). 

It will be a couple of days before I get all caught up here.  I feel like I should spend the time and get caught up but God is leading me in a different direction and one I feel is important to follow, so check back later for more posts about the Bible study.  In the meantime, you can see how God is leading me on my other blog ~ Simply Me, My Walk Through the Bible.


2 thoughts on “Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Week 8

  1. Congrats! First on staying with this Bible study and learning what God has to say to you through it!!! There have been a few tough weeks, but we made it through with God’s help! Second on winning the Mandisa CD! I have a friend that said that her CD’s are wonderful, especially the one with the song Stronger on it! I want to get it so bad, but things being what they are right now that is not going to happen… LOL! Have a blessed day!!!

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