Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 56

This week’s Scripture:  ~Be still and know that I am God~

I have finally read all of Chapter 8 and am working on answering the questions for the Chapter.  I have journaled some of the chapter but not as much as I usually do ~ just don’t have that much time anymore 😦

Pg 109 ~ Now that God had delivered me from captivity, I had the desire to get out and live!  Yet I had no direction…no idea what to do with my new life.

  • I can so relate to that, now that I have less “kid” responsibility I want to do things but I feel so scattered and unsure what to do.  I start and stop things.  No direction sums it up for me!

Pg 110 ~ Beth Moore challenged us to pray daily for God “to show us more of Him”  Wendy’s prayer:  “Lord, make it my deepest desire to seek You daily, and may my seeking You grow stronger as You reveal Yourself to me.”

Pg 112 ~ Every time I need an answer, I go to God’s Word.

Pg 114 ~ The more I sought God, the more I experienced Him.  The more I experienced Him, the more I trusted Him.

Pg 115 ~ In my relationship with God I craved quiet time with Him in the beginning and could not wait to hear what He had to say to me.  But as my daily commitments increased, my quiet time decreased….satan was again at work, but this time he camouflaged his activity.  He distracted me with responsibilities, which in and of themselves are not bad things.  But they clearly interfered with my relationship with God.

  • I have noticed this in my life as well.  I can go along good and then my schedule gets messed up somehow and before I know it it’s been months or years since I really spent serious time with God.

Pg 116 ~ The key to escaping an insane schedule is to learn God’s plan for our lives.  How do we discover this plan?  It requires a listening heart.

Pg 118 ~ Incredulous at how easily I lost control, I began to weep.  How could this have happened?  How could I have let it get this far?  I knew exactly how ~ I was tired, exhausted and running on empty…I had not been filling my heart with the things of God.  It was completely empty, so when I needed strength outside myself, it was not there.

  • Oh my life on a daily basis, I dont’ know why I never put the two together and realized this.  I feel like I have been running on empty for years and feel like I can’t handle one more thing or living on empty anymore.  I realize now why I have been saying for so long “I feel empty inside, I feel dead inside” it’s because I have been emptied and I never thought to refill myself at the source – GOD!!!!

Pg 118 ~ God was teaching me that I needed to come to Him before I reached this place of frustration and exhaustion.  I had been spending every day operating in reactionary mode.  I reacted to circumstances around me based on my emotions, on how I felt in the moment.  The minute someone set me off, I lost it!!  When we allow ourselves to live like this, we hurt those we love most.  The time we spend with God is paramount in determining the level of peace and contentment in our hearts.

  • Oh how that is a mimic of how I had been living (and somewhat am living now, although this is getting better) – reactionary mode!  I don’t know how many countless days I am already tired when I wake up because of living this way.  How many days I am in a good mood but as soon as someone at home smarts off to me or talks in a way that I don’t find nice, the good mood is gone and out comes the monster!!!

Pg 120 ~ When we have a busy day, we rationalize. “I don’t have time to go to Bible study, to pray or have my quiet time.”  In reality, it is on our busy days that we need God even more.

  • I have discovered this recently.  Going back to full time, I have less time to do all that needs to get done but the one thing I make sure of now is that I get up at 4:00 am and take my quiet time!!!

Pg 121 ~ Plan your date with God, commit to it, and protect that time at all costs.  It is tempting to reschedule or cancel quiet time until a more convenient time but that time will never come.

  • That’s why I have mine first thing in the morning.  This morning I was very tired, only had 4 hours of sleep and it would have been easy to roll over and sleep until 6 or so but I said to myself “the LORD will be faithful if I am faithful and He will be merciful knowing how tired I am, He will get me through the day”  and He did (this was actually from yesterday Friday…..)

2 thoughts on “Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 56

  1. We underlined a lot of the same things! I have that monster too. I allow someone elses comments &/or attitudes to affect my mood. As soon as one of my kids starts to be what I consider mean, out goes my good mood. Shouldn’t be this way though! Lead by example, right! Show them what it’s like to have God in your life! I do better than I used to but I’m not where I want to be yet either. Kepp working on it, huh!

  2. Same here,I wonder why my son yells so much when things don’t go his way…well I taught him that, now I need to be an example that with God in my life my yelling will stop and I can handle my frustrations by giving them to God and not yelling!!

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