Bible Study ~ Hidden Joy ~ Day 61

Today we are to answer questions for Chapter 10.  Melissa Taylor’s blog.

2.  The great news is that God desires to use human beings with all their faults, doubts, and flaws to accomplish His might work on this earth.  Read Exodus 3-4:14.  In this story, God is calling Moses.

  • 2a.  How does Moses respond? 
    • Tells God he wasn’t capable and no one would listen to him.
  • 2b.  How does God respond to Moses?
    • That He would be with him and would give him the words to say.
  • 2c.  In your own life, what keeps you from doing all God may be calling you to do?  Be honest. Write out your doubts, imperfections, fears and struggles.
    • A lot of times I am fearful of the unknown, I don’t like change or feeling like I have no control.  I wonder if God can really use me since I am plain and ordinary – I can’t even tell a simple story without getting sidetracked and taking too long to tell it.  I have very little self-confidence.  I get overwhelmed easily and am at times very forgetful.

3.  Read Jeremiah 1.  Here is a man doubting his ability.

  • 3a.  How does Jeremiah respond to God?
    • Jeremiah tells God “I am a youth, I do not know how to speak”
  • 3b.  What does God promise Jeremiah?
    • Do not be afraid!
    • I am with you.
    • The LORD touched his mouth and said “Behold I have put My words into your mouth.
    • Showed Jeremiah repeatedly how He was always with Jeremiah.

Will finish up later, off to work for the time being.  Have a great day and remember count your blessings!



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