My day on Wednesday…attacks and love letters

Week 1 ~ Day 4 Thursday:

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Yesterday ladies was a very blue day for me. Between not knowing about my grandmother’s health, how she was doing and the attack of the devil on my mind, it was an exhausting and emotional day. The devil was constant and fierce in his attacks yesterday. He attacked me by telling me lies about my friendship, my relationships and even this study.

He said to me “you an admin for a prayer group – HA! Leave that to those who aren’t messed up and who know what they are doing.”

I had a great friend remind me today: We all are broken and messed up…if we weren’t we wouldn’t need a Savior. I’d rather have someone real than someone who acts perfect. And remember God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. And you have been called. I am proud of you and I love you.”

Another great friend encouraged me: “cry if you need to but then get up, hold your head up and know you are loved by the Father and me.”

And then another great friend prayed a beautiful prayer for me: Father, give Veronica the rest, peace, joy, patience that she needs at this time. I pray that you will let her find out the condition of her grandmother. I pray that her grandmother is doing really well. Father, calm all the emotions that come out when we are running on empty. Thank you Lord, for Veronica, her devotion and love for you and to all of us. she is such a beautiful shining beacon for Jesus. Help her to focus on you, grab the hem of your garment and take your strength. In Jesus name. Aww Veronica…you are such a beautiful woman and Jesus loves you so much! He is catching each and every one of those tears! Blessings on you friend

I have rarely heard the words “I am proud of you” That along with all of my friends lifting me up brought me to tears. Tears that reminded me even when I think I am alone, I never am. God is always we me and He uses my friends to deliver His love letters. It reminded to live out Jeremiah 17:7.

I asked God to strength me, to lead me, to guide me and to protect me from the enemy. As I listed to the radio through all this God delivered even more love letters and showing me that through Him is my only path to living with confidence. Here is God’s playlist. I encourage you to look up the lyrics and listen to the words very carefully, even if you know the song – listen, really hear the words. They were God’s message to me:

I Lift My Hands – Chris Tomlin; Trust In Jesus – Third Day; Everything Good – Ashes Remain; He Is With You – Mandisa; You Deliver Me – Selah; By Your Side – Jamie Slocum; Blessings – John Waller.

I hope you ladies are opening up to your hurts and sharing them, letting them out and lifting your hands up to the LORD. He is there just waiting for us and I wouldn’t not have changed one thing about today….without my pain, I wouldn’t have been delivered awesome Love Letters from Heaven.


4 thoughts on “My day on Wednesday…attacks and love letters

  1. Last night was the first that I got to read the first Chapter. I had been having trouble with my computer & I’m sure it was because the Enemy didn’t want me doing this Bible study. For obvious reasons! As much as I have grown in my walk with the Lord, as much as I depend on him every single day and do NOT want to be without HIM, my heart still has a confidence problem at times. And you know what as I was walking out the door this morning to come to work, I heard God’s voice say “your insecurities that keep you from having a confident heart come from your abusive past, you know that I am there with you.” I came from a very abusive relationship and when someone begins to yell, or use foul language or gives me negative feedback or tells me all that I did wrong instead of telling me something I did right….well it shuts me down and my insecurity forgets the confidence that I have gained. I pray that God will help me each day to get rid of the scars of the past! Thank you for this study because I KNOW it will help

    • I am glad you are going through the study…I had a very abusive childhood and I know that’s where my confidence problems started! I have the same issues when someone yells or gets mad at me, but I know together and with God we will overcome and His glory will shine for everyone to see 🙂

  2. Praise God! He is so good to us. I am glad that you were able to give him the glory even during the bad times! It’s amazing how he sends the right people in our lives just when we need them!

    God bless you love 🙂

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