My Retreat ~ Friday, Day 1

Friday evening was day 1 of my “silent” retreat. It’s not completely silent as we have session and we talk during supper but other than that it is silent, which is hard with over 25 women in one building but we all enjoy it, even if we do go outside and cheat just a tad 🙂

This year’s theme ~ God’s Sacred Message:  r * u * IN?

No, there is no error in the title of the Quiet Retreat for 2011.  The second part of our title is how it might appear if you were text messaging from your cell phone.  No matter how it might appear, God wants us to know that we are incredible and asks us to be inspired, interconnected, and involved.  The question that God wants us to answer during this upcoming retreat is, “Are you in?” 

Friday night’s session was ~ IN Creation.  Exploring our relationship with the rest of creation and unpack the profound truth that our universe is permeated with the presence of Christ.

The first 3 words in the Bible:  In the beginning….those words have multiple meanings.

  • In the beginning as far as the story of creation in the Bible in Genesis
  • In the beginning as far as each cultures story of creation
  • In the beginning as far as your beginning
  • In the beginning as far as right now, with this breath it’s a new beginning…
    • Close your eyes, take a deep breath, as you exhale, guess what it’s another new beginning….it’s another breath that God just gave you.  You are not guaranteed any number of breaths. 

God called everything He created “good.”  There was one time He didn’t call it good though and that was when he created us, His image…..He called our creation “very good.”  We were better in His eyes than anything else He created.  Stop and think about that for a minute.  Doesn’t Scripture tell us this in Matthew 10:13? 

If you were to tell the story of creation to someone, how would you tell the marvelous story of God’s creation?

We miss so much in our busy lives, we miss the beauty of God’s creation.  We as adults no longer are amazed, or sit in awe or wonder about how brilliant and how great God’s creation is.  It takes our attentiveness to look, to listen, to slow down. 

When you think about creation how do you picture God?  What did He look like?  What was He like?  What sense of God do you get when you think of creation?

  • God’s personality was to pour Himself out in love as He created the world and us.  He gave Himself away in everything that was made.  God is in all things.  He is IN us. 
  • God has a radical love for us.
  • Your Creator’s message to you ~ “You are precious in my eyes and I love you.  I made you in My image.  You are never alone, for I am with you always.”


The above was highlights from the session.  I love how the session talked about God’s creation story and how awe-inspiring we should be.  It goes right along with the A Confident Heart Bible Study.  If we are radically amazed at what God did ~ Creation ~ then how can we believe the lies the devil feeds to us.

God created us ~ He breathed His very own breathe into us, He made us in HIS image.  It brings me to my knees to think of it that way.  It opens up a whole new thought for me.  If I am made in HIS image, why in the world would I consider anything about me a flaw.  Who am I to tell God HE was wrong when He created me?  That He should have made me with green eyes, taller, curly hair, etc.

In the Garden of Eden everything was created by God and everything was beautiful.  However, God didn’t say it was complete or very good until He made man and woman – then and only then was it complete and very good!  Sit and think about that for a while.  Don’t rush ahead to the fall of man just sit and think.  God didn’t stop creating until He made us.  He breathed His very life, love and goodness into us humans calling us “very good and complete” 

How can we believe the lies and throw away the fact that God created us, we are His creation and we are His children? 





One thought on “My Retreat ~ Friday, Day 1

  1. You shared some very powerful thoughts on God and creation. I do see how this ties in with The Confident Heart study we are doing. When God created us, in His image, breathed His breath into us, and said we were very good, we are given a basis for confidence of who we are in Him. We are “fearfully and wonderfully made,” (Ps 139:14.)

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