A Confident Heart ~ Week 3, Day 2

Tuesday (10/4) Answer questions 1 – 4, or so I am guessing.  Melissa is a bit behind but I won’t be around too much tomorrow so need to get mine posted now.

  1. What is the craziest thing you have ever done for love?
    1. Not sure it’s too crazy but I tried to make myself into someone I wasn’t.  Buying clothes I didn’t like but felt like I had to buy those clothes, wearing tons of makeup, tried to earn love.
  2. Think about your desire to find a relationship, a job, a calling, or someone else that would satisfy the longings of your heart.  Like Sam and Renee, have you ever looked to something or someone to fill or fulfill you?  Describe how that might have shaped the pattern of your thoughts, decisions and pursuits.
    1. My whole life I have look to things and people to fill me, do make me feel loved, secure, valued….
    2. I couldn’t make any decisions for fear of making the wrong choice, upsetting or disappointing someone.  I didn’t think I could function without them.  I took their viewpoints as my own because I was afraid of hurting their feeling and because I assumed if I didn’t think like them than my own viewpoints were wrong, silly or stupid.  I felt lost, afraid and lonely when that person wasn’t around.  I never attempted anything in the way of hobbies or interests.  I stayed to “safe” pursuits like reading, although I did love to read thanks to my mom, but I always read the same things she liked to read – I never found my own interest until I was in my late 20’s.  I never told anyone of my deep hopes and dreams and over time I lost all of those. 
  3. Are your closet, your schedule, your mind, and your life full?  How about your heart?  Are there empty places that you need and want to trust God to fill?  If so, list them:
    1. My schedule isn’t as full as my closet and mind only b/c I don’t have the energy to do most things I want to do.
    2. My closet is filled but all with stuff I rarely if ever wear and I need to take time to clean it out.
    3. My mind is so full, too full it won’t shut off and I am often very forgetful b/c of it.  I get irritable and I am soooo tired all the time b/c it just never shuts off!
    4. My heart is better, back in May it was completely empty but not so much now. 
    5. I am trusting God to fill:  my heart with love and confidence in Him – no matter the circumstances, deeper relationship with Him, decluttering my heart, mind and life.
  4. “The origin of the word worship comes from blending two words to form “worth-ship”.  when we worship something or someone, we give them great worth in our lives and oftentimes we find our worth in them.  Where are you most tempted to find your worth?  In what area is it hardest to let God define you – and not the world’s standards?
    1. My husband, my children, my friends, my accomplishments, my job and myself.  Ironically those are also the things that can make me feel the most worthless too when I give too much worship to them.

This week’s Scripture:

How priceless is your unfailing love, O God!  People take refuge in the shadow of Your wings.  ~ Psalm 36:7


2 thoughts on “A Confident Heart ~ Week 3, Day 2

  1. Your answers to question 2 could easily be my answers. That’s exactly how I have been all of my life. I’ve only more recently began to think about what my interests are.

  2. Your answer on question 3 about your mind not shutting off, I know how you feel my mind never shuts off as well. Yes it does get tiring and aggravating because I feel like I never sleep.

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