~ My Adoration Hour Today ~

My Adoration hour was from 4:30-6:00

Dear Jesus:

Thank You for this day to come sit in the silence just the two of us, it is my favorite day and time of the week.  I get You all to myself.  Thank You for the work You are doing in me and the changing of my heart.  I feel less angry and more at peace.  I am still at times sad or down but I feel the anger leaving me.  Thank You for showing me how my distractions affect not only my mood but my behavior and thoughts.  I am not 100 percent there but I am more aware now and I believe I am beginning to turn to You more.  I am sleeping better – I am getting a restful nights sleep and not having such a hard time waking up. 

I praise You Jesus for all the work You are completing in me.  You fill  my soul and refresh me.  You alone are all I need to make me feel valuable, loved and special.  I am a princess and share in Your life and death.  I am still in awe how much You love us that even while we were sinners You died for us a painful and torture filled death, that Your mercy and grace saved ME who does not deserve it but accepts Your gift with a humbled heart and a desire to serve You, follow You and walk with You.

My life is nothing without you.  I pray that as I continue to grow in You more people will see You shining from me and come to know and love You. Help me to remember that all through the day I am an example of You or an example of the world – let me always be an example of You in  my words, my actions, my behavior and attitude. 

I pray that I continue to grow strong in You and never allow anyone to make me question my value, my confidence and my worth – no one can take my crown You gave me unless I allow them to, strengthen me so that I don’t allow that to happen – strengthen me in Your love, let it soak deep into my bones from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, infusing every inch of my soul, heart, head, hands, feet so that I may be Your body on this earth. Remove from me the desire to ever again worry and replace that with the desire to pray about everything leaving it all at the foot of the Cross.  Strengthen and guide me to live abundantly and with Your purpose for my life so that on that day – that glorious day I am privileged to hear the words that will melt my heart

Well done good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of Your Master

Jesus I ask this not only for myself but for every woman who is taking part in this study ~ A Confident Heart, for each and every lady in my group.  Jesus some of them are struggling so much:  marriages, children, jobs, finances, self-worth, the list goes on and on.  You know the needs of each person I ask for Your peace, love and arms to wrap around each one.  Let them feel You and know without a doubt it’s You.  so many of them are wondering “which direction, which path do I go?” They truly want to do Your will LORD.  I pray that You show them the path they are to walk down and to remove any fear and doubt they may have.  These ladies are near and dear to my heart LORD and I know no better way to help them but to offer them up to You now.  Show them the glory of Your love and open their eyes to see Your faithfulness and the work You are already doing in their lives.  Remind each and every one of the ladies that they are:

A crown of splendor in the LORD’s hand; a royal diadem in Your hand

Each one inspires me with their love for You and their determination not to allow satan to have the final say in their story.

Now Jesus I lift up to You three special women and ask that You bless them mightily, keep them in the shelter of Your palm and to wrap Your arms around them and their families.  These women as You know have drawn me closer to You and I can never in my lifetime put into words how thankful I am for them, because they said yes to Your will and allowed the Holy Spirit to work through them, I am not allowing my past abuse to hold me captive; I am learning to live a confident life and I have stepped out to do things I never thought possible.  I thank You Jesus for Wendy B. ~ Melissa T. and Renee S.

I also want to ask for Your special blessings on the wonderful friends You have blessed me with – friends who lift me up when I am down, who support and encourage me and who help me to be a better person.  Please be with them, bless them, protect them, heal them, guide them and show them without a doubt what path You would have them follow.  be their rock during the storms of their life, be their peace when they are uncertain and remind them how much good they are doing in Your name.  Thank you LORD for my circle of sisters and my partners in “crime” ~ they know who they are as You do LORD.

I ask this with a heart full of praise, in thanksgiving and humbleness.  In Jesus’ Name AMEN!


3 thoughts on “~ My Adoration Hour Today ~

  1. What a beautiful time of worship. I’m touched to be part of your time with Jesus and overwhelmed with gratitude to be part of His healing work in your life. I see Him radiating in your words – I sense peace and joy sweet friend. Freedom and grace. Keep letting go and trusting you are right where you are supposed to be doing just what He’s called you to!! <>

  2. Your heart of prayer is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing this prayer with us and giving us a glimpse into what it looks like to be a great woman of prayer. I am honored to be a small part of your journey with God, and I thank you for your precious prayers on our behalf. I love serving alongside Renee and Melissa. Crossing paths with women like you has been one of the greatest blessings I have had through the publication of Hidden Joy and Melissa’s on-line study of Hidden Joy. May God continue to take you deeper places with Him.



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