Sad and Lonely……

Ironic thing ~ 12 hours later and I feel a lot different.  I am sitting in the house alone for the 1st time in I don’t know how long and I should be soaking it up, instead I feel sad and lonely.  I feel forgotten yet most of the time I can’t wait to snatch some alone time.  I feel depleted ~ how can I go from one extreme to the another in a short 12 hour period?  What has changed?

Ah, my focus, I took my eyes off Him for a short while and started to think about me.  What was my first clue that something was off?  I felt cluttered – best way to describe it.  the funny thing about that though is I have spent the last 4-5 days de-cluttering my home but what about my mind?  I need to de-clutter my mind of everything that is not of HIM and about HIM. 

Clutter, distractions, busyness – it all points to losing our focus of Jesus.

After about 2 hours of feeling sorry for myself I opened my journal, my Bible and my devotional by Joyce Meyer.  god showed me instantly how right I was to come to Him.  The first words of the devotional:

Life is busy and filled with distractions….

Yeah, I picked up on that!  Joyce Meyer goes on to tell of Mary & Joseph losing Jesus.  It took them a full day to realize Jesus was missing!  And it took them THREE days to find HIM again!  Take that in:

One day to lose focus of Him and He went missing.  Three days to find Him once again!

Then Joyce Meyer says something that lifted my spirits:

We need to be careful to remain in the presence of God.  When we do, we make God feel at home in our hearts.”

I LOVE that!  Merriam-Webster’s definition of HOME:

  • the social unit formed by a family living together

The definition of AT HOME:

  • relaxed and comfortable: at ease
  • in harmony with the surroundings

Now imagine that “God feels at home in our hearts”  He is living with us as a family.  He is at ease – relaxed and comfortable and in harmony with the surroundings of our heart.

Doesn’t that just bring you instant comfort and peace?  It does me – how can I feel lonely knowing God is at home in my heart?  As long as I don’t take my focus off Him I can’t but the minute I start looking to others to fill me I will feel lonely – even if I am in an arena filled with thousands of people.

The Scripture for the devotion from Joyce Meyer:

If a man loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him”  ~ John 14:23

The study Bible note says:  Our home with Him ~ through grace the living presence of the Trinity inhabits the hearts of the faithful.

I wonder shy when I get a minute of peace and the distractions fade away, why does a sense of loneliness and sadness creep in (yes because I took my focus off Him) but I think there is a bit more to it.  I think it’s because in this day our lives are so consumed with hundreds of things and impossible deadlines that when our bodies are at rest finally – it’s almost a shock to our system and so it senses something is wrong.  So the mind starts telling us all the ways we failed.  That is my thought anyways.  My mind and body doesn’t know how to enjoy a slower pace as soon as I slow down thousands of thoughts start up.  But now I will imagine god being at ease in my heart and in harmony with the surroundings and relax in that.  Because lets face it the peace and calm doesn’t last all that long before responsibilities and demands invade us again.



6 thoughts on “Sad and Lonely……

  1. Wow, Veronica, I read this and now I have tears coming down. This is exactly how I am feeling right now. I am not alone in the house, yet I feel sad and lonely. My mind is so cluttered with thoughts and I can’t seem to weed them out. “But the minute I start looking to others to fill me I will feel lonely”, what a true and powerful statement. I need to stop reaching out to others to fill my needs and reach out to God, for only He will provide all the comfort and compassion I need. He is the only one the truly knows my complete story and He is just waiting for me to seek Him and He wants so much to give me peace. Why is something that appears so easy, so hard. Thanks for this message tonight, I definitely want to be at home with God in my heart at all times.

    • I am so glad it touched you and I don’t know why it’s so hard especially when it’s what we truly want. I hope you can give your sadness to the LORD tonight and feel refreshed

  2. So very true! I have downsized on my main distraction is my phone. The other main distraction I can’t get rid of and that’s my boyfriends mother. No matter how much I leave her alone she always seems track me down to read some newspaper article or to bug me about something so dumb is annoys me. It was cool at first but now it is getting very old. My boyfriend and his mom don’t understand about me having time to myself and think I shouldn’t because I was tld since I am a mom time to myself went out the window. I totally can relate and thank you for sharing!

  3. You are right about where our focus should be. I will be honest, I felt the lonliest when I spent all my time consumed in talking to my friends and looking to them for acceptance. I thought I needed them to be happy. The thing is that I wasnt happy because I wasnt relying on Christ. I was so consumed with myself and the idols set up in my heart that I could only serve those idols. In the past 4 months, God has redeemed me and has created change in me I never thought was possible. Praise God for His patience!

  4. wow Veronica…how i need this today1 My husband hurt my feelings/heart so badly last night…now hes off working…sadly i believe he knew exactly what he was doing…didnt care…i am so terribly *crushed…i keep praying. I do feel *rejected/lonely/less loved…im not having a pity party…just so upset with this *rollercoaster i am on…to read this…wow! you do it all the time 🙂 xxxxx

  5. Veronica – I needed to read this this morning. My husband and I had a really bad morning and now I am home alone and feeling sad and loneley and really sorry for myself. I was about to turn to things that would not help me feel better in the long run (food, sitting idle on the compter, etc) now I know exactly where I need to turn to get back on track. Thank you for being so honest. Life is full of ups and downs and I am also in constant amazement at how I can feel so peaceful one day and then the polar opposite the next. Blessings. ❤

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