~*~ Thanksgiving ~*~

Dear Jesus,

Thank You so  much for healing me from my migraine.  I never sleep until 9:00 am and my first reaction was to get mad at myself for sleeping so late when there is so much to be done but I stopped and told myself “I apparently needed the sleep and Jesus provided it.”  I must have pushed myself to a deeper exhaustion then I knew because I fully believe now my migraine was from a lack of sleep and not weather related as I first thought.

Thank you too for my family all being under one roof again.  Our family is now complete again with my daughter home.  Thank You for these next 10 days that she is home.  I will not stress, I will not try to make everything perfect – I will not be Martha!  I will enjoy the moment, soak it in to treasure forever, allow it to be etched on my heart.  I will be Mary – even for just a short while. 

I will remember that Thanksgiving isn’t about having the house perfectly clean, decorated and the stress of trying for perfection.  It’s about counting each and every blessing, forgiveness, family and being with those you love.  It’s about enjoying each moment before all the kids grow up, it’s about looking back and remembering the special moments and laughter You have blessed us with. 

I can guarantee not one of the kids will every remember how the house was decorated, clean or perfect execution of serving dinner.  But my kids will remember my attitude leading up to Thanksgiving.  They will remember if I was short with them, if I yelled, if I was rude to them all in the name of creating a TV “produced” Thanksgiving.

So this year paper plates, plastic cups and silverware are great!  Buffet style eating is wonderful.  And EVERYONE in the kitchen getting the meal ready is my idea of PERFECTION!  How many memories will that bring with 18+ of us in a small kitchen stepping one ach other.  I look forward to finding out.  And if my house is a bit messy ~ anyone who wants to help me there too is more than welcome.  In the words of Father Ed:

~ Many hands make light work ~


4 thoughts on “~*~ Thanksgiving ~*~

  1. Thanks Veronica for reminding me that I don’t have to have a PERFECT Thanksgiving. I’m looking at my house after starting a new part-time job and want to start cleaning like a mad woman, but I know I need to spend time with my kids as well. I’m going to attempt, with Jesus’ guidance and help of course, to make it fun and not all work. Only with God’s grace though. Praise God and Jesus for His strength. Happy Thanksgiving Veronica!!!!

  2. Thanks Veronica! You are on the right track now! So thankful to be able to celebrate this year with 1/2 of our family! Wish they all were here but it is ok. Grab the moment with who ever can be. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Enjoy the day the Lord has given us and be glad and happy in it. Happy Thanksgiving Veronica!!!

  3. I think you read my mind! Or we all have the same worries. My son comes home on Tuesday night. I am thrilled to have him here with us. I have the turkey bought, it will be a simple meal, football watching kind of day. We are blessed and I will remember that and this will help me. Keep on posting, you are good for a lot of us. Glad you feel better, welcome home to your daughter!

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