Made to Crave ~ Chapter 1

Today begins my Made to Crave journey through Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Study.  Chapter 1 gets right to the heart of the matter ~ Craving!

  • We crave what we eat (pg 19)
  • Our craving was never supposed to be food or other things people find themselves consumed by (pg 20)
  • defines craving as something you long for, want greatly, desire eagerly and beg for (pg 20)

What do I crave?  I could list all the “right” answers and feel good about myself or I can get the most out of this journey and step back, take a hard look at what my daily life says I crave.  To do that, I need to understand “What’s Really Going on Here.”

I was made to crave – to crave God but satan wants to replace my God craving with other things so I move further and further away from God.  Satan knows my weaknesses, he knows exactly what works, what lures me away from God and so he attacks easily.  If satan knows my weaknesses and how to attack me, shouldn’t I know them as well?  Not knowing leaves me wide open, leaves me defenseless and vulnerable.

In medieval times castles were protected from invasion not by one stone wall but by layers of protection:  moats, drawbridges, curtain walls, gatehouses, baileys and then the heart of the castle ~ the keep!  Most attacks never got to the keep (unless there were traitors) because the defenses were so strong that the enemy either gave up or lost too many men to continue.

This is how I need to be protected.  My moats, drawbridges, curtain walls, gatehouses and baileys need to protect my heart.  My layer of protection:

  • Moat = surrounding myself with God’s Word.  Reading from Scripture daily.
  • Drawbridge = shutting myself away from the world and spending time with Him.
  • Curtain Wall = “in nothing be anxious; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God”
  • Gatehouse = focusing on Him above all else.
  • Bailey = Remembering Jesus’ example in the desert.  Jesus, without hesitation, quoted Scripture that refuted satan’s temptation.
  • And my Keep = My heart that is saturated in Truth.

What are the truths I have discovered about my cravings?  I realize I let focus on my circumstance not the truth, I let my mind give me every excuse to “start tomorrow”, I allow myself to be defeated because I don’t fight back.


28 thoughts on “Made to Crave ~ Chapter 1

  1. I love the castle illustration. Today I will build up my defenses against sin and focus on the God who loves me and gave me His Word to keep me from sin!

  2. I am so excited to be a part of this study! Today is a new day and a new beginning! Looking forward to taking time to figure out the things I have avoided thinking about and getting on the right track!

  3. In Beth Moore’s book “Praying God’s Word: Breaking Free from Spiritual Strongholds” she says, “Virtually every stronghold involves the worship of some kind of idol.” I realize my food issue is not just an addiction it is a stronghold. I have set up idols in my life and a stronghold, a fortress, has been built around it. I need to break the stronghold and tear down the idols. I read through Joshua 10 recently. Joshua wasn’t satisfied until he had totaly victory. Look in there how many times he “put it to the sword” and destroyed those he was attacking! God supernaturally fought with him, but Joshua had to get out there and fight also. Notice also at the beginning of the chapter that a group of kings joined forces against him. We need to be prepared. Satan does not want us to be set free. Expect his evil beings to join forces and come against us.

  4. Thank you for the castle analogy!!! I am going to make a notecard with the analogy so that I can refer to it whenever I a reminder. Also last night I started a 6 week community ladies Bible study: Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa Terkeurst. She also talked about how we need to focus on our identity & not our circumstances.

  5. Thank you all so much for your comments – they brightened my day. I wasn’t sure about the castle analogy but I am a HUGE medieval history buff and whenever I can weave it into a conversation I usually do LOL.

  6. I definitely “echo” the words/feelings of the others ~ the castle analogy really helped me to view this experience on a different level! I’m definitely a “visual” person, so, I too, am going to put this on a flash card to review and always have it as a reminder (close to my heart) .<3 Thank you for sharing, both, your medieval interests and those beautiful reminders of our Lord! What a great start to the week! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the post. I like the analogy and “layers” of defense. Anonymous (comment 5) also reminded us to focus on our identity and not our circumstances. This is helpful because certain sudden harsh circumstances trigger me to turn to my strongholds (sugar, fierce independence). I am not my circumstances and this world is not my home.

  8. How precious are the desires of our heart for God! God is teaching us this lesson about protecting that place in our being that only God should be. That place is the innermost part of my existence, out of this place comes the desire to eat healthy foods that not only feeds my body but gives strength to my soul and out of this innermost place when protected and fed, will come the spiritual strength to fight the spiritual battles. These battles are won by seeking to know the right actions and attitudes so that when faced with temptations we chose to trust God’s words, principles and strength.

  9. This morning I was reading in Exodus 34 about the golden calf – the people WANTED a god – but they weren’t willing to WAIT for the TRUE God to manifest Himself – they got impatient, and created their own idol to fill their needs. As it turns out, the idol caused them to eat, drink and be merry…fulfilling all of their physical desires – and ALMOST got them wiped out. My ungodly cravings are idols in my life that I use for comfort instead of God…I pray that THIS time, THIS study, THIS focus will see me EMPOWERED by the Word of GOD to BREAK FREE – as in Isaiah 58!

  10. …a very good analogy! It’s amazing how we sing beautiful songs, such as: “Lord, you’re my strong tower, a fortress when I’m weak, your name is pure and holy..”. It’s time to experience the depth of these songs and not just sing them from our lips. I want to go deeper in God…and I want it to be pure and holy…no compromise! I don’t know where I’m headed in MTC but I know the outcome will be honorable if I put my trust in God and keep my focus on Him.

  11. I thought it was such a great point in chapter one, that we crave what we eat. We program out tastebuds and then consume what we think about. I am working on changing this by relying on God’s word to help. Thanks for your inspiration.

  12. excited by the sisterhood and support this study provides and super EXCITED about losing and keeping off excess weight. I STAND IN SUCH NEED OF THIS AND PRAY THIS VICTORY IN JESUS NAME…….

  13. Love this analogy. Goes right along with the “knight” in Ephesians putting on the “Armor of God.” I heard a preacher on the radio say that he prayed that scripture for protection every morning before getting out of bed.

  14. The castle analogy is great! With today being a holiday from my regular routine, I was able to spend much needed time in scripture and in prayer. I know that it isn’t the food I eat, but that I love to eat. Also, I need to be more active everyday, not just some days. So excited about sharing this study with others who also struggle.

    • Denise- dont think of it as starting over….think of it as an adjustment. Your adjusting your day differently than yesterday. This helps me when I have an off day. Not bad but off. I’m not bad just off and that’s ok – just step back on the path and keep trying. Your not alone.

      • Thanks Lauren~ for giving a more “positive swing” to having those tough kind of days! I’ll have to keep this description in mind!

      • Thanks Lauren. I just feel like such a failure because it was only the first day! If I can’t make it through the first day how am I going to get anywhere? But…here at the end of Day 1 part 2 it’s been a pretty good day! Thanks for the encouragement! It’s great to have fellow strugglers:-)

  15. Simple truth sometime is just that simple, we as Christians make our life hard. If we rely on him HE WILL SUSTAIN us!!
    Im excited for this journey and watching how my life will change. Thank you Lord for loving me just as I am! My castle is STRONG

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