Made to Crave ~ Chapter 3

Oh the first page of Chapter 3 so got my attention!  I was just thinking on this the other day.  In order to overcome my bad habits I need to do more than wish, hope and pray.  I need to be actively doing my part!  Yes, God hears my prayers and will answer them but I still need to do my part. I put forth the effort!

I love how Lysa got my attention with this sentence “we want the results but have no desire to put in the work required.”  Where have I wanted results to magically and prayerfully appear but I have not be willing to put in the work:

  • I want a clean and organized home
  • I want to stop skipping meals
  • I want to stop grabbing sweets
  • I want to stop wasting time searching for lost items
  • I want energy

So just as Lysa needed a plan, so do I.  I need to ignore the screams of putting things off, the screams of my bed calling me, the screams of my phone and escapes from life.  I need to replace those things screams with God’s Word, determination, discipline and accountability.

Just as Lysa’s food choices were sabotaging her life.  My skipping meals is sabotaging every area of my life – my body, my mental energy, my physical energy, my mood, my outlook and it opens the door for procrastination.

I have tried a million and one times to break these bad habit.  I have learned the million and one ways that don’t work for me!  Now I am going to learn what does work and overcome these bad habits.  On page 39 there are two big key points for me.  (1) I will need to make tough sacrifices, however, I don’t have to think of it as denying myself but as embracing healthy choices.  (2) The mental and spiritual lessons gained in this journey will be the very thing that will equip me for the long haul.

So what’s my plan?

  • Protecting my “castle”
  • Focusing on the LORD
  • Doing the work that is required
  • Having accountability

In order to have a plan though I need clear goals – what do I hope to change in my life as I go through this study:

  • A healthy balance in between perfectionism and procrastination
  • Not skipping meals, cooking supper at home most nights
  • Getting rid of the clutter in my life – mentally and physically
  • More energy – being more active
  • Above all to crave God most of all

My goals and my plan are in writing – now the hard work begins and temptation will increase.  The only thing left – accountability.  Without this I know I will slip back into my old excuses, rationalizations and putting things off.  For my accountability is a huge thing!!!


Made to Crave Bible Study through Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Study.


4 thoughts on “Made to Crave ~ Chapter 3

  1. This one reminds me of an old post I put in my MTC book from last year when I didn’t stick with the plan. I think of the moving BIG where the little boy wakes up one morning and is an adult – why can’t I wake up one morning and be thinner. Well I did 2 1/2 years ago I lost 77 lbs but gained it all back. WOW how stupid. Worse thing is I ate myself up every day since then for doing that which made dieting worse. PRAISE REPORT – since I’ve started this week I never reflected back on that only forward. Thank you God for loving me and not giving up.

  2. Wow, I know I need help. I read this and thought, “Yes! I’m ready for changes! I’m ready for action!” And then the advertisement at the end of the post was for a big juicy sub from Jimmy Johns, and my thoughts went to subs with oily Italian dressing, lots of meat, chips, and a big Coke….oh, my. Pray, Pray, PRAY!

  3. Please Lord help me through this change in my life. I’m so tired of feeling depressed and sluggish all the time. Thank you for MTC. The last few days have been great and I feel like a normal bubbly person again. This book is really awesome and hitting home with a big hammer. LOL

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