Made to Crave ~ Chapter 4

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“I wonder how many bad choices and severe consequences could have been averted if that three word statement had been applied.”  page 41.  What is that three word statement?

Think It Over!

This statement jumped out at me.  As I read this statement I sat for a moment and looked back at all the times I had the feeling of my conscience telling me “walk away” and yet I never did. Instead I ate another sweet and sugary snack, I bought yet another thing that I didn’t need and I crawled into bed to forget the world.  I have spent a lot of my life fighting what I need to do and what I want to do.  Let me tell you it’s exhausting – I feel defeated before I even begin.

Why is it so hard?  This statement helped me to realize two things:  (1) I don’t usually stop and think over my actions, I allow my feelings to give into the temptation and (2) I don’t have an accountability partner.  Therefore, I once again let my feelings tell me it’s okay – just this once and I give into the temptation.  and of course the “next time” I already forgot all the other “just this once” times.

I am not living as 1 Peter 5:7-8 says “Be self-controlled and alert.”  I allow the moment to control me instead of preparing for the moment when temptation will strike.

I need people in my life who will hold me accountable in love, in prayer and remind me that God will be fighting the temptation if I just give it over to Him and do my part only.  I need people who are willing to say the things to me that I need to hear, not to sugar coat it for me.  I need people who will learn the worst about me but yet see the potential I have and encourage me to see it too!  I need people who won’t let me give up in a moment of desperation.

I need people who are willing to be tough (in a lovingly way) on me and when I try to make excuses, to ask me the question “are you being truthful to yourself and to God?”  Someone who won’t let me get away with excuses.  But yet people who will love me and cheer me on even when I fail.

I need accountability in my life!  How about you?


3 thoughts on “Made to Crave ~ Chapter 4

  1. Great post! I so need accountability too! It’s amazing just how much better you do staying on track when you know you can’t bull crap your way through it, when you know you have a friend who will call you out when you’re making excuses. Having that someone that you know you can’t get away with the easy, but often untrue answers with. That makes a world of difference.

  2. Veronica that was powerful! So much of that I could apply to myself. I need an accountability partner also and for the same reasons, hard truths and tough love.

  3. Your statement, “I have spent a lot of my life fighting what I need to do and what I want to do. Let me tell you it’s exhausting – I feel defeated before I even begin” really stands out to me. I am learning that I do not have a healthy set of boundaries and that what I feel is a “need” to do, is not always accurate and what I “want” to do is rarely acknowledged. The inverse of what is the norm for most people. I live in extremes ~ all or nothing. Give all, take nothing. And then I turn to food to fill me up with what I don’t let in from others. I struggle with what “balance” is. I’m asking God to show me what the need really is that He wants me to fill. I’m asking Him to reveal what the want is that I’m not listening to which is causing me pain.

    I think my “talent” is working with and helping others. But I have let that area become extreme as well. Somewhere it went from helping to pleasing. I end each day depleted and food is the available outlet for frustrations that I hadn’t recognized, which I have because I didn’t voice my feelings, needs, or expectations… in order to make someone else happy.

    I also need to “Think it over”. I just signed up for extra hours at work because they desperately need help even though I desperately need the time off. Now, I will suffer the consequence for making that choice and it will probably lead me to food. I am asking God to forgive me for not setting a boundary for myself that I needed to, I thank Him for revealing it to me, and I ask Him for the strength to handle the consequence in a healthy and loving manner. I don’t want to turn to food. I don’t want to feel resentful toward my co-workers for a choice that I made. I am trusting in His mercy and grace.

    I need accountability in setting positive boundaries. I don’t want to be afraid that I might upset someone, hurt their feelings, or feel guilty for making a choice that I need make. I want to live my life. I want to meet my needs, I need to learn how to invite others to help me, and I want to get back to helping (not pleasing) the people in my life. Balance. With God, I know it’s possible. 
    Thank you for sharing your post… and presenting an opportunity for me to share this. I didn’t realize how badly I needed to put this to words. It really makes it tangible, real, and accessible to change.

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