How Jesus is Challenging Me

And God’s peace, which is far beyond human understanding, will keep your hearts and minds safe in union with Jesus Christ. ~ Philippians 4:7

I never really understood how people reached that peace that surpasses all understanding. I have known people who had reach that and I wanted it. I wanted their calm ways, their assurance, their complete trust in the LORD. I would read this verse and wonder how? LORD show me how and then I would go about trying to find it. I would read my Bible cover to cover many times, read every devotion and Christian self-help book on the market, attend Mass, listen to Christian music, pray and yet it would still elude me. Ah, but now I am wiser. Those people didn’t reach that peace through reading their Bible cover to cover 10 or 15 times as they would a novel, the didn’t reach that peace because they were better at praying, they didn’t reach that peace because their life was perfect. No they reached that peace through daily, if not hourly practice:

Cast all your cares upon God because He cares for you. ~ 1 Peter 5:7

My Lenten challenge by the LORD. I had other plans for Lent but Jesus challenged me “cast all your cares on ME.” He challenged me to give up worrying, over thinking and control for 40 days. I didn’t go into this willing. I would reply “but I already have my plans for Lent.” Yet Jesus called and I chose to answer knowing this was a huge opportunity for growth.

In the last seven days I have had much practice too and to be truthful I never realized how much I worried, how much I tried to control the uncontrollable and how my brain never shut up! Now on Day 8 – I sleep so much better, I wake up feeling rested, I don’t lay in bed dreading the day and wondering what pits I will have to climb out of. I am learning how very sweet contentment is.

When fear, doubt and insecurity try to come into my mind I immediately offer that feeling and situation up to the LORD. I then follow-up with a strong vocal out loud “GOD HAS IT COVERED – MOVE ON” It’s amazing how much the LORD can do when I get out of His way. How much more I can accomplish through the LORD now that I am not weighed down by unnecessary fear, doubt and insecurity.

No seven days ago I had not planned to give up my cares for Lent but I am so thankful that I obeyed God’s call. It’s freed me from life long chains and now I can become the person God calls me to be…..whoever she may be ~ looking forward to finding out!


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