An Untroubled Heart ~ Chapter 1

Today begins Chapter 1 of An Untroubled Heart by Micca Campbell, to join the study go to and sign up.  To get in on the discussion for Chapter 1 click here.

Perseverance & Endurance

The Merriam-Webster definition of perseverance:  continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure or opposition.  The action or condition or an instance of persevering:  steadfastness.

The definition of endurance:  the ability to withstand hardships or adversity; the ability to sustain a prolonged stressful event or activity.  The act or an instance of enduring or suffering.

For the last 35 some years I have been living a life of perseverance and endurance.  You see I have had a lot of chaos and upheaval in my life – as a child, a young mother, a young wife and a mother to an adult child that needs 24/7 care.  The last year has probably been one of the absolute hardest I have lived through and I have been very mad about it!!  I was mad at God who very well could have instantly made things better and i kept crying out to Him “why?  Why must I live with total chaos my whole life?  Don’t I deserve some peace? When will things change?”

I felt deep in my heart the answer “when you allow ME to work in your son’s life.”  My gut reaction was a fear so strong I uttered “but I can’t let go.”  Then an incident happened that opened my eyes to show me that by holding on too tight I was harming my son more.  I prayed that night giving him to the LORD fully and completely.  Then I was brought to this Scripture:

But as for the seed that fell on rich soil, they are the ones, when they have heard the word, embrace it with a good and generous heart, and bear fruit through perseverance.  ~ Luke 8:15

I can not bear good fruit by holding on so tightly to my plans or living as a victim.  God has other plans for my life and that of my son.  I believe God is showing me that, though my life is filled with chaos I need only to look at Him for my peace.  Peace is not about the perfect circumstances but found in persevering and endurance through the storm, with eyes on Jesus who is my Refuge and Shield.  So now through the chaos I look to Him not asking “why?” but “what lesson am I learning?  How do You wish to strengthen me, mold me and shape me through this event?”


5 thoughts on “An Untroubled Heart ~ Chapter 1

  1. I have a very hard time with this. I want to do everything for everyone and I want everything to be perfect. I get upset and mad when things dont go the way I had planned. I question “why are you doing this to me, havent I been through enough, for once could things just go right for me, why am I being punished, why does everything good happen to that evil woman and I get nothing?” It has really taken a toll on me. Dont get me wrong the Lord has done wonderful things for me in my life, but I have also been through more things in my life than any 32yr has. I stopped asking WHY and started just rolling with the punches, but not without YELLING or acting like a two year old. I have had so many things on my plate that my mother asked if I could say NO and I said NO! Well I said no, but I cant turn my back on people that need help or school or my family or work or volunteering!! In doing all the things I do, I have been trying to be sick for 10wks and last week it all caught up with me and got the best of me. This is the good Lord protecting me from myself. I have had time this past week to reflect and realize that I cant do everything and that I should not forget about the little things in life that makes everything ok, for instance instead of telling the kids I cant right now Im busy, I am going to STOP what I am doing and play with them or listen to what they have to say. It breaks my heart that I have behaved this way and I want to be the person that I know I am, but all the stress of doing EVERYTHING has taken over my life and I am TAKING IT BACK and giving all my worries to the Lord, which is VERY challenging! This passage has been very uplifting and I feel like it was a gift to show me the way and the light! 🙂 Thanks for inclucing me on this journey!

    • Oh Becky – you could be ME!!! That’s how I was many years ago and little by little God worked on my and my heart. I have some ways to go still but I am not that person anymore. I pray this study helps you and allows you to let go of your fear and find your faith, worth and value not in deeds but in Him, resting in HIM and living for HIM.

      Anytime you want to chat or need to vent – send me an email!!!

      • Thank You! It is easier to know that someone else has been through the same thing. I really am trying to get back to being ME, but it is very hard and this person that comes out of me is not me and I really dont like her. I try everyday but it never fails something sets off my second NOT ME. I Yell and throw a tantrum, then Im like what was that about and I cry and feel horrible and now I add a prayer or two. I just hope and pray that this ends soon. Im no good for anyone in this condition . . . I will take you up on the vent/chat for sure!! 🙂 I wish I had the book, but it wasnt in the budget, I bet it is really good. I loved Made to Crave and started reading it again! Have a Blessed Day

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