Cleaning with Jesus

Can I let you in on a little secret?  I hate to clean!  Oh, I also hate to go to the grocery store and cook!  It wasn’t always this way.  Before computers, the internet and Facebook, cooking and cleaning were my hobbies.

Now I tend to put it off until there is no other choice.  Half of the problem is the lack of organization in our home.  The other half is my perfectionist tendencies.  I want the situation to be perfect before beginning to clean or organize.  Yep, still waiting for that….

For the past eight weeks I have participated in Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Study of I Used to be So Organized by Glynnis Whitwer (whew that’s a mouthful!)  The study has been amazing.  I have incorporated small new habits into my days, such as not sitting anything down except where it belongs and taking an extra five minutes to straighten up a room before I leave.  Besides those two things, not much else has been accomplished.

Waking up Saturday morning with another migraine, I looked around in disgust realizing our house hadn’t been cleaned in three weeks.  Knowing some basic things need tidied I prayed “Please LORD block the pain for just thirty minutes, please!” A funny thing happened, with each area I cleaned, my migraine eased.

It was then that the LORD placed on my heart “Some of your migraines are an attack to keep your from doing the work I call you to do.  The only way to fight them is to call upon Me and do the work anyways.”  Which opened the door to a conversation with Jesus about how much I really hate cleaning.  I wanted to know “who elected me to be responsible for housecleaning?”

Moving from room to room Jesus kept speaking to me, “Don’t think of it as cleaning, think of it as prayer.  Dedicate each room as an offering of prayer for someone.  Someone who can’t clean but would give anything to do so:  a mom battling cancer, a mom with a newborn baby and no sleep, a mom with a special needs child, a wife who just lost her husband, a family losing their home, the list my daughter is endless.”

As I cleaned the fridge I told Jesus “It is so pointless to cook, I hate it!!!  Here I am a week later tossing the uneaten leftovers out.”  Jesus spoke to my soul, “Don’t despise the service of nourishing the loved ones I have blessed you with, instead as you prepare a meal for them, use this time to offer them up in prayer to Me.  Make this the time you pray for them.  Make this the time you tell Me all about your family.”

Getting on my hands and knees to mop the floors, I asked Jesus “Really, all the advancement in technology and I am still doing the old-fashioned way of mopping?”  I knew He would have words of wisdom and I wasn’t wrong.  He said “Do not despise any part of this daughter – for through this whole day you have been in contact with your Father.  You have been in contact with your Healer, your migraine is gone, right? You have also been in contact with your Personal Trainer, there is no need to spend money on a gym membership, this takes care of two needs at the same time.  See daughter, I am always providing.”

Let me just say my house sparkled, my migraine was gone, my muscles are sore and it was the best four hours of housecleaning ever!!!!  I hope this encourages you to use those things you hate as prayers to your Father.  I leave you with this reminder, from one of my favorite songs….

Well let me remind you, it all matters just as long
As you do everything you do to the glory of the One who made you,
Cause he made you,
To do
Every little thing that you do
To bring a smile to His face
Tell the story of grace
With every move that you make
And every little thing you do

Do Everything ~ Steve Curtis Chapman





25 thoughts on “Cleaning with Jesus

  1. I love this Veronica! Staying true to the theme of ‘do the work’. And I love the idea of offering up in prayer what you are doing. So often, I, too, find myself grumbling and complaining while I’m doing things and resenting the fact that I have to do them. Thank you for the perspective!

  2. What a great idea…dedicating rooms of prayer! The thought of praying and having a visit with Him makes the task of cleaning seem so much less daunting. I will definately be putting this into practice. Thank you for this! Big love!

  3. Holy smacks. This hit me right between the eyes, so needed to hear this. Putting prayer into practice. Taking God’s word and making a practical application for it. That is truly my heart and growing faith need. Blessings my friend.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. I needed to read this. Too often, I allow the enemy to sneak in and ruin my motivation. I so need to be better at conquering…especially when it comes to cleaning! What a wonderful word you provided here! Thanks and blessings & prayers to you! 🙂

  5. Wonderful , Veronica.. This reminds me of a story( LOL as my children( school and own) say, everything reminds you of a story!!) LOL
    Anywoo, Many years ago, we bought our first house… the kitchen floor looked dirty, what we did not know was that it was polish layered. What to do, i tried everything… one day i was chatting with my friend Carol and we were praying about it and a God inspired idea.. A KNIFE… yes if I scraped it it came off. I have a HUGE kitchen… so i decided that everytime I scraped I would pray, the design was small squares.. yes, every square a prayer. V it was such a blessing!! THANK YOU for reminding me of that time. Praise and prayer certainly does go straight to the throne and brings wondrous blessings and healings!
    Love you,Girl!!!
    Tracey Kirch

    • That’s awesome!!!! Yes every story reminds you of another. My favorite aunt always prayed her Rosary while folding laundry – something she absolutely hated. Her thought was “might as well make this time useful”. Instead of counting Rosary beads she counting pieces of clothing 🙂

  6. I left a long comment yesterday and it disappeared.. LOL

    I will try again.. This was a wonderful reminder for me… I have taken the *do the work* theme to heart! Praying thru a room.. LOVE IT! It reminded me of when I was younger and we bought our first home. The kitchen is huge and the floor looked dirty. Come to find out it was caked with layers and layers of wax buildup! I tried everything to no avail. One day, commiserating with a friend I got the idea to take a knife and scrape.. YAY , it was working , but what a job. The floor design was tons of small squares and so each square i prayed for someone.. It was wonderful.. Thanks for the awesome memory.. Love you!
    Tracey kirch

  7. Wow, thanks for the new perspective of cleaning. I do it all by myself, (something that I am going to discuss with my family soon) but I never though of is as a time to spend with God. I have a hard time sitting still to pray, so why not pray as I sweep and mop or clean the dishes. I never fully understood the verse about do everything as if you were doing it for God. AMAZING how God uses other Jesus Girls to teach me. Thanks again!

  8. I dislike cooking…like dislike it sister! Thank you for speaking truth lovingly today. I needed to be reminded of this, especially since I am attempting a casserole tonight that has more than 5 steps of preparation to it….love you!

    • Love you too!!! I am right there with you. But I have cooked two nights in a row now and I have treasured that time of speaking loving prayers over the food that will nourish my family 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for your words!!! I am a single mom and have fibromyalgia so cleaning in my home lacks also. There is so much I can take from you and it has given me new light and hope. Again, thank you for all you do!

  10. Oh Veronica, you did it again. This post is incredible! Thanks for turning my view of everyday tasks into an act of worship to God. It puts a whole new perspective on chores.

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