Guest Post ~ If the Shoe Fits: Being Cinderella in a Stepsister World

Today I am excited to introduce you to my friend, She Speaks Sister and Prayer Partner, Jamy Whitaker.  Please leave her a comment, thanking her for coming to my aid when I reached out, asking for help. 


My youngest, Madilynn, is quite the girly, girl. She loves to dress-up and paint her nails. However, her favorite thing would have to be putting on my heels and walking around. This past weekend, she went into my closet and came out wearing my new high heels. At the tender age of four, she did an excellent job of walking in them. After taking several pictures, I noticed just how much my shoes didn’t actually fit her, but it didn’t seem to matter to her. This brought to mind the fairytale, Cinderella.

I am sure we are all familiar with the story of Cinderella and how the prince was searching for the young lady who lost the glass slipper. The step sisters tried as hard as they could to fit into the shoe. However, it was never meant for them. They thought it would lead to a better life for them. I am sure many of us read or heard that story and laughed at the stepsisters’ antics trying to fit into Cinderella’s shoe. That was silly, the shoe would never fit them because it was not made for them. However, in our minds we do the exact same thing in our day-to-day life. We see someone else and we want what she has; whether it is a gift or talent, body type, hairstyle, the list could go on. We look at her and we immediately think I am going to do what it takes to put my foot into her shoe. Unfortunately, we fail to realize that just like Cinderella, God has given each of us a shoe, a frame, a purpose, and it will only fit us. We cannot begin to try and fit into someone’s life or shoe. As cute as it may appear on the outside, that life, that cute little shoe, may very well be painful or leave scars that you cannot see, if we try and wear it ourselves.

So I challenge you instead of trying to find a new shoe to fit in, be Cinderella. Take the shoe that Our Heavenly Father has presented to us — graciously and thankfully — and wear it with pride. Knowing that God has given it to us for our own purpose, our own story.

I pray that this post has brought help and encouragement to you today. God has made each one of us unique for His purpose and plan for our lives. Do not be drug down in this stepsister world of wanting what someone else has and doing anything and everything to attain it. God created you for so much more; you are His Princess. Be a Cinderella and live in the shoe God designed for you.

I would like to thank Veronica for graciously letting me post on her site today. She is such an amazing woman and a great friend.


Jamy is wife to Mitch and mom to five wonderful children.  Yep, five children from the ages of four to fifteen years old.  Jamy is publishing her first book, due out sometime this fall.  To learn more about Jamy and to read her inspiring blog posts visit her blog.

9 thoughts on “Guest Post ~ If the Shoe Fits: Being Cinderella in a Stepsister World

  1. Jamy-awesome post! Thank you for encouraging me to wear my glass slippers with joy today! I was thinking about how my feet have certainly grown as I have physically grown. Then my height topped off several years ago. However, after my second pregnancy my feet grew from size 6-7! Spiritually speaking, the same has happened.:) the more I grow with Christ, the taller I am in my faith. Even after seasons where I feel I have stopped growing, the Holy Spirit continues to grow me in the areas of patience or love etc. Praising God for enlarging our spiritual shoe size today. This is one type of shoe that will always fit:) Blessings sister:)

    • Tracy, that is so true. We do not want to be satisfied and comfortable where we are in a faith walk.We need to make certain that we continue to grow and fit the glass slipper God has for us.

  2. Jamy, Such a timely word as all of us from She Speaks are trying to let God show us our individual voice and calling. It is so easy to be impatient as we wait on Him….at least I know I am impatient at times. 🙂

    Thanks for reminding me it is all about Him and me being His Cinderella.

  3. Dawn, you are right, it is hard to wait, especially when we have the desire to be busy with our ministry. God’s timing is perfect and I have to remind myself of that fact numerous times. He only wants what is best for His princess. Sometimes, just like Cinderella, we have to deal with the yucky side of life before we get to go to the ball.

  4. Jamy – I loved this and it is so true. Funny, I teach teens and last night our discussion led to one teen saying she always compares herself to others and then gets down on herself. I plan to share this story with her. The other thought that came to my mind when reading your blog is that Cinderella also only had the glass slipper for a certain amount of time. We need not waste our precious days wishing to be others, but rather wearing the shoe God has given us and get the most out of it before I time is up on earth. Thank you for your words of encouragement today!

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