Time to Connect

I would like to introduce you to another dear friend of mine, Dawn Whitmore.  Dawn is another one of my valuable She Speak Sisters.  I love the encouragement and support she gives to me and countless others.  Thank you Dawn for posting a very important message today, about God’s plans for us.  Also, today is the August 30th, which means that it’s August Fan Day ~ more information can be found at the end of the post.

I have made a decision today. This decision actually came about after reading a guest post on this blog (you can read it here…)  However, before I jump into this post, I feel that I need a disclaimer:

This blog post is in no way meant to say any of my She Speaks Sisters or fellow bloggers are doing anything wrong.

Okay, with disclaimer done, here’s my heart.

I am trying to live out my calling in someone else’s shoes.   What exactly do I mean by that?

Here is an example:  Yesterday I posted on someone’s FB page “My blog wants to be like yours when it grows up.” Don’t get me wrong this woman is a great encourager and I love reading her blog. She is actually one of the few that I will click-through to keep reading. However, my comment even if meant to be a compliment to her actually told God:

 “Your calling for me is not good enough. Why didn’t you give me her calling? She has more of an outreach and more likes on her blog. Why can’t I have her calling?”

Think two-year old temper tantrum ~

Photo Credit: rafa2010 (Creative Commons)

Did God promptly pick me up and discipline this tantrum-throwing girl? Nope. Instead, He lovingly reminds me through a blog post…ha of all things, a blog post!

He then starts slowly revealing things to me. See, He knew in the middle of my tantrum I wouldn’t have heard Him. Do we realize that with our little ones?

I have been reading some great books lately on to build a community, tribe and platform. Some of them are really good.  However, for me to blindly follow them without seeking God is me “living out my calling in someone else’s shoes.”

After reading Jamy’s guest post and spending some time with God, I didn’t walk away with warm fuzzies. Instead, I walked away feeling like a car salesman.

I feel like a little kid who is promising you cookies if you will just be my friend. What does this mean for my platform, community and tribe? It means, hopefully you will see more of God through me and less bribing, “I have cookies…be my friend”, on my part.

I understand the importance of a platform…I really do. But, I can’t continue being the car salesman. It is hurting my calling.

Photo Credit: linkedmediagrp (Creative Commons)

My true heart is to connect with others in a communication-saturated world and see their walk and life with Jesus grow.

On an extremely personal note: I have been holding back from connecting. It has been easier. However, to walk in my calling it will require me to connect. Pray for me about this. It is a truly difficult step but a necessary one.

Photo Credit: Dew Photography

Awhile back, Beth Kinder discussed the importance of making our words count instead of counting the words. This freed me from counting the words in my work-in-progress. I am grateful for Beth’s accountability at the most God-appointed times. Now, I am stepping out and asking for accountability of “not living my calling out in someone else’s shoes” and further accountability on if I am only communicating or connecting?

 Does this ring true for you? Are you communicating God’s Word but not connecting?  Are you trying to live out someone else’s calling?


To learn more about Dawn Whitmore visit her website by clicking here .  I don’t know about you but this post has me doing some serious thinking and soul-searching.  Thank you once again Dawn for your genuine honesty.

August Fan Day….it’s super easy to be entered, all you need to do is fill out the entry form (click here) on my Facebook page.  That’s it, you will be entered.  If you don’t want to miss other monthly giveaways then considering liking my page, not required though 🙂


13 thoughts on “Time to Connect

    • Oh, wow – I just read John 8:54-56 where Jesus talks about false modesty. That reminded me that I tell our church pianist how much I wished I could play piano like her. I’m always telling her I’m not good enough. (I play piano too). I don’t feel I have false modesty, but I do feel that I am telling God that the talent he gave me isn’t good enough. I had already written this in my journal, then I came here and read this! Think God is speaking lol?
      Thank you so much for this

  1. Veronica, Thank you for giving me the opporutnity to not only write a guest post but for your willingness to the honesty and openness you encourage.

  2. Dawn, you did a great job address an issue that so many of us face – no matter what our calling is. I know I have found myself recently asking, “why don’t I have the number of likes or followers as this person?”, “why can’t I impact this huge number of people like these other people?” However, I have come to realize the God has different paths and plans for each of us. I many not have the “numbers”, but I have a God who will always walk beside me. I simply need to be obedient to His calling and He will take care of everything else. He is the only number that matters. Once again, Dawn, thank you for this powerful reminder to live out our personal calling and not try and fill someone else’s shoes.

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