The Me I am Supposed to Be ~ Guest Post

Welcome a new friend of mine, Michelle Axton Kelly.

Hello, friends!! I’m Michelle and I write over at Teagan’s Travels. My blog covers my family, friends and faith. I pray my site provides daily encouragement to women in good times and bad through God’s love. I’d love for you to come visit. It is always an adventure being the wife of an Irish husband, mom to pre-schooler Teagan and baby Isla. I’m so excited to be writing here today! Thanks for letting me visit…and share with you how God helped me become The Me I’m Supposed To Be.

Have you ever had a champion in your life that made you feel special? Someone who provided you with a chance that changed the course of your life forever? I’ve been blessed to have women in my life who have been this for me in the form of mother, manager, boss, mentor and friends.

Perhaps one of the best examples of this came during college. I must admit, I used to be a terrrrrrrrrrrrrible waitress. It’s true! There is a level of multi-tasking required in this occupation that I just don’t seem to have within me naturally.  I would get flustered.  Forget to bring ketchup…even after more than three requests. I forget to place orders, became flustered organizing drinks and appetizer timing? That was a nightmare in and of itself! I have had more than one customer storm out without any inclination of leaving a tip.

Um hmm. I was THAT girl. And if I ever waited on you back in those days, I apologize. Luck of the draw and all… But none of this mattered to me because the best gig in our college town was a job at Chili’s and I needed dinero. I finally got in after hounding the manager for three months to give me just one chance. Sadly, after just a week he called me into his office to inform me that I was “not Chili’s material.”

I was stunned. Um, excuse me? Could you just repeat that again?


Do you KNOW sweet reader how much this rocked my world? It has become kind of a family joke now but I called my mother sobbing. This was, quite possibly, the worst news in the world according to my 19 year old self. I felt like an utter failure with a capital “F”.

Flash forward a few months. I may not have been Chili’s material but TGI Friday’s had decided to give me a go. Each shift we gathered for a team meeting. The extra-special-shift-leader-who-could-do-no-wrong was usually a Top Ten server according to sales and comment cards. This person would kick off our shift and hand out pins to those who did an amazing job. I would hang in the back of the crowd, not getting pins, not leading. Invisible but happily employed.

THEN….(this is the cool part, ya’ll)….a manager from another store came to visit! Yeah! She eyed me for a few days. And one day, she started our shift and announced Michelle was the shift lead. Silence. Michelle? All eyes slowly turned to look at a bewildered girl who had never led anything. And I stepped up…and had the most awesome time! The next shift? I led again!

With that single action the manager changed my world and how I saw myself. Suddenly, I began talking like a Top 10 server, selling fried cheese and cheesecake like there was no tomorrow! I got pins, or flare as it was called in the day, I got the best shifts and sections. People rained praise through comment cards. And one day? I did become a Top Ten server! Ta Da!!! Take that, Chili’s!!

My point is, God made each of us uniquely special. And sometimes He places people in our lives to embrace us, to encourage our hearts and lift us up to be who He created us to be. A belief in someone is at times all it takes to make a huge difference and impact in this world. That is one reason we sponsor children through Compassion International. Our sponsorship tells these children that there is someone in this world who cares for them, who prays for them daily and that they are special, not forgotten.

Today, can you think of someone who needs a champion in their lives? Is there an opportunity or encouragement you can give to a heart that may change the way they see themselves? 

I’d love to hear from you, who has been this champion in your life?

Blessings, Michelle

For more encouragement, visit Michelle Axton Kelly at her blog, , where she provides encouragement and inspiration for women seeking a personal relationship with Christ.


Thank you Michelle!  The beginning of your story had me chuckling.  I started waiting tables in high school and continued for the next 12 years.  I didn’t work at a Chili’s or TGI Fridays.  I worked at waiting on tables long before those places were the standard. I worked in diners and restaurants right off major freeways.  The busiest one being I15 in the middle of Las Vegas and LA.  I was a Top Ten Server before there was such a thing – I could out sell the day girls in OJ sales on the night shift.  Your post brought back lots of memories 🙂



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